Cumberland County College partners with Georgian Court University to offer Bachelor in Social Work degree program

Friday, March 10, 2017
Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D., President of Georgian Court University, and Yves Salomon-Fernandez, Ph.D., President of Cumberland County College, signed partnership agreements that will bring a new bachelor's degree program to the Shirlee and Bernard Brown University Center.

Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, Georgian Court University will admit Cumberland County College Associate in Social Services graduates to the Fall 2017 Bachelor in Social Work program with Junior status. This agreement enhances exceptional in-demand employment opportunities for Cumberland and GCU graduates without leaving Cumberland County.

“We are pleased to partner with Georgian Court University on the Bachelor in Social Work degree completion,” said Dr. Salomon-Fernandez. “This is a tremendous opportunity for students and professionals to obtain a GCU degree without ever leaving Cumberland County. It provides the excellence in undergraduate programs that Georgian Court University is known for with the convenience of staying local.”

“Over the past year, Georgian Court University has seen a large growth in new students through university partnerships and we are pleased to collaborate with CCC to have a location in southern New Jersey,” said Georgian Court University Dean of Admissions, Justin G. Roy. “This is a good example of two institutions of higher education coming together to increase the success of our students.”

Full-time students will take rigorous classes ranging from “Intro to Social Work & Social Welfare” to “Human Behavior and Social Environment” that will prepare them to go out into the field.

“Georgian Court University is a transfer-friendly institution. We look forward to expanding the possibilities for the community by being affordable and accessible to students in Cumberland County,” said Dr. Marbach.

The Shirlee and Bernard Brown University Center offers high quality bachelor’s and master’s degree completion programs. The wide variety of degree offerings are the best and most affordable in the area and the only in-county graduate and post-graduate offerings. The special reduced tuition makes it even more affordable to attend classes with one of the University Partners. On-campus University Partner representatives make it unnecessary for students to leave Cumberland’s campus by providing admissions, advisement, financial aid, and completion services.

The University Center currently offers degree completion programs from three University Partners: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Montclair State University, and Wilmington University. Seton Hall University offers post-graduate certificates for K-12 educators.

Since opening, the University Center has filled more than 9,000 bachelor’s and master’s-level seats, supporting UC partner students completing their degrees, and gaining higher level, and leadership positions on campus and within the community.

Cumberland County College graduates and other community members who are prepared to enter Georgian Court University’s Bachelor in Social Work program should submit their applications (fee waived) to Georgian Court University and indicate the Cumberland County College campus. For complete program details, contact the GCU Office of Graduate & Professional Studies at 732-987-2770 or