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For further information, contact 856.691.8600, ext. 1209. Please submit one application for all the scholarships you wish to be considered for, and list them on the top of your application. Essays should be composed in a word processing document and sent via e-mail to or mailed to CCC Foundation, Attn: Kim Ackerman, PO Box 1500, Vineland, NJ 08362-1500. PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application deadline is March 1st.

Paul J. Abrams Scholarship
Current CCC student continuing at CCC in a business related field who demonstrates commitment to learning.
Academic Scholarship*
Full-Time or Part-time returning students with GPA minimum 2.75.
Alzheimer's Support Group of Cumberland County
Gerontology major with 3.0+ GPA who will be continuing their studies at CCC.
Ronald J. Angelo Award*
Excellence in Architectural/Engineering achievements.
Catherine J. Arpino Scholarship*
Enrolling or enrolled student who has high scholastic achievement, continuing in a health related field at CCC; demonstrates community service.
In Remembrance of Angie Austino and Harry Campbell
Criminal Justice major
Margaret G. Barnes and Derrick Cole Friendship Scholarship
Full-time student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Provide an autobiographical sketch (1 page), Goals statement (1 page) and a letter of recommendation by Advisor or CCC Professor.
Bennett/DeTullio Williams Book Scholarship
School Counts! Certificate Holder must be a Millville Senior High School Graduate Second Year student At CCC and an Education Major (teaching) GPA 2.5 or above Financial Need
Paul & Minnie Bertacchi Memorial Scholarship*
Business student with financial need entering second year. 3.5 GPA
Alfred W. Biondi Scholarship
Student completing freshman year. Liberal Arts major. 3.5 GPA.  Two recommendation letters from college staff or faculty and one recommendation letter from a member of the Cumberland County community. These letters should validate your character and dedication to the college and community.  Selection by Arts and Humanities Department at CCC.
Boyd Nursing Scholarship
Cumberland County College Students in the RN Nursing Program only. Apply through the Nursing Department at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters.
Bridgeton Area YMCA-Memorial Sports Scholarship
Bridgeton area student-Sports
Bridgeton Area YMCA Memorial Financial Scholarship
Bridgeton area student-Financial Need
Bridgeton Area YMCA-Memorial Academic Scholarship
Bridgeton area student-High Academic Standard
Stephanie C. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must be a high school senior or current college student under 21 years of age. Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Applicant must not have missed more than seven school days in the 2013-2014 academic year. Applicant must demonstrate community involvement and be a part of at least one extra-curricular activity in school. For further information and application please click here
Michael John Brown Memorial Scholarships
Full time Nursing student with a 3.0+ GPA. Needs financial assistance and must be a Cumberland County Resident.
Barbara Bruno Memorial Scholarship
Freshman furthering education in Horticulture Program; GPA 2.0 minimum.
Dennis F. Carolla, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Freshman Project Assist student continuing at CCC.  First preference to Buena Regional graduate; second preference to a Criminal Justice major.  Selected by Project Assist Staff.
CCC Administrators Association Scholarship
Returning part-time, evening student with a minimum GPA of 3.5. Majoring in Education
CCC Criminal Justice Scholarship
Student majoring in Criminal Justice and maintaining a 2.5 GPA. Submit a one page essay outlining your career goals in criminal justice and why you aspire to continue your studies at CCC.
CCC Nursing Club Scholarship
First year Nursing Major with GPA 3.0 or above, with financial need. Letter of Reference from clinical instructor.
Century Savings Bank Scholarship
Non-traditional student who demonstrates financial need. Must have completed an ESL class at CCC.
CEO Group Bud Pettisani Memorial Scholarship*
Student enrolled in Business Administration or related field.  Selection by donor. Requires essay on the following: Upon completion of your education, do you envision a career as a self-employed entrepreneur, or an employee of a company or organization, and why? Application deadline Feb 1.
Cilento Scholarship
Academic achievement; "B" average or better last semester and maintaining a minimum of a "B" this semester. Financial Need. Requires two references from CCC representative and/or pastor, priest, employer or community leader. Application deadline is November 01.
Richard Conner Scholarship
Students completeing freshman year at CCC. Demonstrates outstanding citizenship qualities at CCC. GPA 2.75+ Must be a resident of Cumberland County.
Countryside Garden Club
Horticulture major completing freshman year with financial need.
Judy R. Dallago Scholarship*
Education major preparing for career as an elementary school teacher who demonstrates academic ability; must be a resident of Bridgeton or Vineland.
Dr. Donald Davidson Healthcare Scholarship
Healthcare major going into 2nd year at CCC, and who is a nontraditional student with Financial need.
Patricia L. Chambers DuVilla Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Nursing student with 3.0 cumulative GPA possessing good bedside manner; written recommendation from professor.
Ralph T. Fox Jr. Scholarships
Nursing students completing freshman year. Demonstrates a positive attitude and good grades.  Selection by CCC Nursing faculty.
Freitag Family Scholarship in Memory of Peter A. Saulin, Jr.
Student athlete from Bridgeton area who has completed freshman year with 3.0 or better GPA.
Galetto Honors Scholarship*
Student who has completed one year of honors program. GPA 3.5.
Henry A. Garton, Jr. Scholarship
Graduate from a Vineland school. 3.0+ GPA Student can be attending CCC or just graduating from a Vineland school
Elizabeth S. Gislason Nursing Scholarship
CCC Nursing major who will enter 2nd year Nursing in Fall. Maintaining 3.0+ GPA Demonstrates financial need. Ineligible for Boyd Funds.
Ellen and Joseph Hancock Scholarship*
Students completing freshman year.  Enrolled in agriculture/ horticulture curriculum. Financial need. Resident of Cumberland County.
Hoxworth & Hoxworth
Student must not be receiving financial aid, NJ Stars or School Counts! - Graphic Design and/or Math major with a 3.5+ GPA - Demonstrates Community Service - Must have 30 college level credits completed
Human Resource Association of Southern NJ
College courses should support a demonstrated interest in a career in Human Resources. Candidate must be matriculated and have an overall GPA of 3.0. By the end of the Spring semester, have obtained 30 credits, with at least 9 credits being HR courses. Involvement in the Student Chapter is considered but not a requirement. Application is due April 15. Special applications are available at Human Resource Association of Southern NJ Scholarship Application
DeEdwin Hursey Higher Education*
Second Year CCC Student pursuing a degree in Education,Cumberland County Resident, 2.5 GPA, Financial Need
Omo Zuapo Isekenegbe Memorial Scholarship
Fulltime student with 30+ credits and a GPA of 2.5+. Student must have financial need and demonstrate community service.
R. J. Jones Memorial Scholarship
Essay of not more than 3 pages entitled, "My Perspective on Life" which tells of your relationship with family and friends. Selection by the family. Application and essay deadline November 01. First priority will be given to students residing in Fairfield Township.
Valerie Jones Scholarship
Psychology major completing freshman year.
Helen Kejzman Leadership Scholarship
Demonstrates Leadership Qualities. Business major. 3.5 GPA and has completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at CCC and continuing on at CCC
Arthur & Gizella Lehman Memorial Scholarship*
Individual who will be entering sophomore year status at CCC and is working.  Average grades (not necessarily A's or B's).
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Levitsky Scholarship
For a Radiography student completing freshman year with above average grades.  Preference to a Bridgeton resident, followed by other areas of the county.
Jessie D. Lisowski Memorial Scholarship
Deserving first year nursing student
Josephine McDaniels Lockette EOF
Most improved student ending Freshman year,Will be a 2nd year CCC Student,Chosen by EOF Department
Luciano Family Scholarship
For traditional students or those out of high school for 2-3 years who have a financial need. Student must have completed freshman year at CCC.
William M. Marts Memorial Scholarship
Full-time student who has earned at lest 25 credit hours as of 12/31 and 12 credits or more for Fall & Spring semester. GPA 3.0 or above as of 12/31. Not receiving any other financial aid assistance(Federal/State grants or Unemployment Persons UPP deferment or Workforce Development Program WDP)
The McDonnell Volunteer Service Award*
Student completing freshman year who demonstrates volunteerism/community service
Miller Art Scholarship
Fine Arts student completing freshman year; B+ GPA.  CCC Art Department assists with selection.
Miller Business Scholarship
Business student completing freshman year; B+ GPA.
NAIW of Cumberland Salem Counties Scholarship
Must live in Cumberland or Salem county, Part time or full time student, majoring in Business-Insurance and must have completed a minimum of one semester with a 3.0+GPA
Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship
Full-time sophomore student at CCC who is a graduate of a NJ high school. GPA 3.0+ Must be active in community service and campus leadership, show great financial need, and plan on transferring to a University Center Partner program upon graduation to pursue a Bachelor's degree.
Newfield National Bank Scholarship
Accounting/Finance related major completing freshman year. Financial Need. Good Academic standing.
John S Nichols, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Student completing their freshman year at CCC and continuing into their sophomore year, has financial need and has been active in a student club or has demonstrated community service.
Mary C. Paul Nursing
School Counts! Nursing Student
George Perry Scholarship
Student returning to CCC who has lost their school counts scholarship (while attending CCC) and is still in good academic standing.
Phi Theta Kappa (P.T.K.)
Selected from P.T.K. Please see Ms. Sharon Kewish for application.
Philadelphia Coca-Cola
CCC Sophomore next Fall with a 3.0 or above GPA.
President's Scholarship
Working adult who does not qualify for financial aid.
Seidner Scholarship for Citizenship and Civility
Full-time Student Senate member who has completed 24 credits here at CCC and is continuing on at CCC. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or above OR have demonstrated improvement each semester with a GPA of 2.0 or above. Must demonstrate good citizenship and service to others on and off campus.
Dr. Soloway Nursing Scholarship Award
Major must be in Nursing, must be in top half of class, must be graduating and planning to transfer to an RN program and must minor in anything other than Nursing.
Dr. Soloway X-Ray Technician Award
For top graduating Radiography student.  Selected by CCC Radiography Department.
Financial Need, Person must be primary financial supporter of family. Applications in Foundation Office. Deadline Dec. 15. For additional information please contact Ms. Donna M. Pearson at 856.455.6814 or visit
South Jersey Camaro Group Productions
Student entering sophomore year with 3.0 GPA; Vineland resident studying in the field of Technology. 
Rose Stolar Memorial Scholarship
Single parent in good academic standing who graduated from Millville High School.
Milton L. Stotter Scholarship
Students enrolled in Agriculture, Horticulture, or Aquaculture programs.  Preference given to Deerfield Township residents, followed by other areas of Cumberland County.
Sonya Taylor-Greenwood Nursing Scholarship
Cumberland County College student entering their second year in the Nursing program. Minimum GPA of 3.0. Student demonstrates financial need.
Joan Elizabeth Terry Scholarship
Student, must have been at some point, home educated. 1st preference given to a stem major.
Dr. John & Mary Visceglia Memorial Scholarship*
Student entering sophomore year with a 3.0 GPA.
Visual Arts Scholarship in Honor of Frieda Fehrenbacher*
Student enrolled in Fine and Graphic Arts program.  CCC Art Department assists with selection.
Whibco Inc. - Sjogren Family Scholarship
Stem major entering their second year at CCC or a stem major graduating from CCC and entering a bachelor's degree program with a University partner at CCC. Must have a "B" or better GPA. Preference given to residents of Maurice River Township and Bridgeton, NJ.
Woman's Farm and Garden Scholarship
Student majoring in Ag/Hort or environmental studies.
Anne S. Woodruff Scholarship*
Student taking a minimum of 6 credits who has financial need; letter of recommendation from an acknowledged Cumberland County business, civic, or religious leader; child, grandchild, stepchild, niece or nephew of a current or past employee of Woodruff Energy: Second preference to a student meeting all the above criteria with the exception of the relationship to Woodruff energy.
Zonta Club of Cumberland County
Returning female student with 3.25 GPA continuing at CCC with financial need.  Selection by Zonta representatives.
The following scholarships are for graduating students transferring to a four-year college or university only:

Alpha Delta Kappa - Phi Chapter
Graduating student who plans to pursue a career in education. 3.0+ GPA Involvement in more than one extracurricular activity and financial need. A written Letter of Recommendation from the advisor of the extracurricular activity is also required.
Frank G. Basile Memorial Scholarship
Graduating student transferring to obtain a four year degree who has earned a Liberal Arts degree at CCC with a minimum 3.0 GPA
Melissa M. Benner Memorial Scholarship
Graduate of Cumberland County College enrolling in a University Partner program for the first time. Must provide CCC transcript with a GPA of 2.75 or better. Must have financial need.
Marie A. Carley Scholarship
CCC Graduate transferring to the University Center. Cumberland County resident. GPA of 3.0+ and must maintain a 3.0+ GPA to be eligible for 2nd year scholarship.
CCC Criminal Justice Scholarship
Student is on track to graduate with an AS degree majoring in Criminal Justice from CCC and must be maintaining a 2.7 GPA. Student has intent to continue studies in Criminal Justice for Bachelor of Arts or Science degree. Submit a brief essay outlining future career goals.
Clements - Daniels Distinguished Alumni Excellence Award
Nursing student graduating Cumberland County College and continuing their education at a four year institution with a focus in Forensic or Psychiatric Nursing. First preference will be given to applicants transferring to Wilmington University. The scholarship is intended for a student who has expressed an interest in working with individuals who are challenged by a major psychiatric diagnosis or confronted with the issues related to interpersonal violence or other traumatic crime.
Cumberland County College Alumni Scholarship
CCC Student, graduating and transferring to a University Center program on CCC's campus, enrolled at least part-time and have a minimum GPA of 3.25.
Olga Figgs Memorial Scholarship
Must be graduating from CCC and transferring to a NJ four year college or university. Must be majoring in the field of Education and is committed to the teaching profession. GPA 3.0+ Must show financial need.
Charles "Chuck" Fisher
CCC graduating student who demonstrates outstanding citizenship qualities with a 2.75+ GPA; resident of Cumberland County.
Dustin Lobb Scholarship*
Full-time or part-time graduating student planning to transfer to Liberal Arts or Math/Science or Liberal Arts Secondary Education Major, Math tutor or works in Math Lab or volunteers to work for Math faculty and/or excellent Math student who is congenial and friendly.  Selected by Math faculty.
Arnold & Ada Robinson Endowed Scholarship
School Counts! certificate holder with 3.5+ GPA who is graduating and transferring to a four year institution with a LA/ Humanities or a Business degree.
John L. Smith Jr. Scholarship
Graduating student who is transferring to a University Center program to major in Healthcare. Must be a county resident.
VP Fellows Scholarship
Active member of VP Fellows; Transferring to an accredited 4 year school
Whibco Inc. - Sjogren Family Scholarship
Stem major entering their second year at CCC or a stem major graduating from CCC and entering a bachelor's degree program with a University partner at CCC. Must have a "B" or better GPA. Preference given to residents of Maurice River Township and Bridgeton, NJ.
The following scholarships are for graduating Cumberland County high school students who will be attending Cumberland County College in the Fall: Applications are also available in high school guidance offices.

Bill & Jo Milam School Counts! Scholarship*
County high school graduate with four School Counts! certificates enrolling at CCC.
Stephanie C. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must be a high school senior or current college student under 21 years of age. Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA. Applicant must not have missed more than seven school days in the 2013-2014 academic year. Applicant must demonstrate community involvement and be a part of at least one extra-curricular activity in school. For further information and application please click here
Dr. W. Leslie Cornwell Endowed Scholarship
First preference awarded to a member of the Key Club in good standing who has a minimum GPA of 2.5. Demonstrates financial need. Enrolls full-time at CCC.
Cumberland Insurance Group Scholarship
High school student entering Cumberland County College to pursue a career in business and has earned School Counts! Certificates.
Daniel L. Dewsnap Memorial Agriculture Scholarship*
High school graduate entering CCC full-time or part-time to pursue a degree in Horticulture, Aquaculture, or Farming.  Exhibits financial need and has average grades.
Empowerment Through Education
High school senior graduating and enrolling at Cumberland County College who has financial need and a GPA between 2.5 - 3.5. The intent of this scholarship is to give opportunity to a good student who is underprivileged.
Teresa Maria Giunta Mem. Scholarship
High School Graduate who is planning to attend Cumberland County College full-time in a health related field. Student must be a School Counts! certificate holder. Preference to a student in financial need.
Donald Jr. and Karen Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Must be a New Jersey resident, Must enroll at CCC full time with a minimum of 12 graded hours, Must have a high school GPA of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), Must be in a major related to gardening, landscape design, environmental planning, floral design, horticulture, agricultural education, agronomy, sod production, Financial Need, Priority given to Future Farmers of America (FFA) member
Harry Kejzman Memorial Scholarship*
High school graduate entering freshman year at CCC full-time who exhibits financial need, has a 3.0 GPA or higher, and demonstrates community service.  Final selection/approval by donor.
Philip L. Lipman Scholarship*
Outstanding and deserving high school graduate who has overcome adversity and hardship who has achieved excellence in pursuit of his/her academic goals.
Novick Humanitarian Awards
Graduating high school student planning to attend CCC who best exemplifies an outstanding attitude of concern for and a devotion to the promotion of human welfare and/or the advancement of social reforms.  Average or above scholastic scores.  Exhibits financial need and the desire for further study.  One scholarship each to a graduating student from Bridgeton High School, Cumberland Regional High School, Millville Senior High School, and Vineland High School.
Johnson Reeves Memorial Association Scholarship*
Bridgeton High School graduates, one male, one female, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who are residents of the City of Bridgeton and enrolling fulltime at CCC.
William & Paula Ring Scholarship
County high school senior graduating and enrolling full-time at CCC to pursue a major in healthcare or education; GPA of 3.0 or higher; demonstrates community service and financial need
Thelma Parkinson Sharp Scholarship
Student must be a Cumberland County resident who has demonstrated community and school involement. Minimum scholastic cumulative average of C+ through high school
Anthony E. Smith Humanitarian Scholarship
County high school student entering Cumberland County College who has substantial financial need; student has demonstrated community service. For more information click here
Gerald Spall Memorial Scholarship
Graduating Vineland High School student planning on pursing the Paralegal with Spanish option at CCC
Patricia Sparacio Spoltore Memorial Scholarship*
Student graduating from Bridgeton High School and entering CCC to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. First preference given to a former student of Patricia Sparacio Spoltore. Second preference given to a student with (4) four School Counts! Certificates.
Steered Straight Citizenship Scholarship
Graduating high school student entering Cumberland County College pursuing a career in social work or addiction counseling. Demonstrated community service. Has applied for financial aid and did not qualify. A student interested in making a difference in the world.
Hon. Frank J. Testa Memorial Scholarship*
Graduating senior from Vineland High School who is a School Counts! Certificate holder. Must be enrolling Full  time at CCC. Demonstrates community service and financial need. GPA of 3.0 or above.
Gladys C. Viano Memorial
Graduating senior from Vineland High School who is a School Counts! Certificate holder. Must be enrolling full  time at CCC. Demonstrates community service and financial need. GPA of 3.0 or above.
Vineland Jersey Fresh School Counts! Scholarship
Student pursuing a degree in an Agriculture related field.
Vineland Jersey Fresh Scholarship
High School graduate who will major in a field related to Agriculture at CCC
Terms subject to change based on donor participation.
*Endowed Scholarships

For information or scholarship applications, contact 856.691.8600, ext. 209.