Preface to the 2011-12 Institutional Profile

Cumberland County College offers programs of study leading to Associate Degrees, Academic Certificates, Career Certificates, and Short-Term Training Certificates.  As of Fall 2011, over 4,000 students were enrolled in these programs.  An additional 1,000 students were enrolled in Professional and Continuing Education courses.


During 2011-2012, the College completed its latest strategic planning process which resulted in a new Strategic Plan 2012-2017.  Included in the Plan is a revised Mission Statement.  The Plan emphasizes three strategic directions:  Student Success and Completion; Leadership and Service Learning; Workforce and Economic Development.


The Cumberland County College 2012 Institutional Profile contains information about the College, its students, faculty, staff, and programs.   This year's Profile supports the College's commitment to providing the public with information about its students and their educational outcomes.


Should you have questions about any information in the Profile, please contact the College’s Planning and Research or Public Relations Offices.  Additional information about the College may be found on its recently updated website http://www.cccnj.edu/.



Thomas Isekenegbe, Ph.D.





This 2012 Institutional Profile includes the legislatively mandated information about Cumberland County College’s students, faculty, trustees, programs of study, public service activities and major capital projects.  The Profile is organized according to the “Form and Content of the Institutional Profile” defined by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. In addition to this Profile, the College provides reports on many other aspects of its mission, as described below. Because the information required by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education in its “Form and Content of the Institutional Profile” requirements has changed this year, this Profile is limited to the specific data elements required.


Cumberland County College Mission, Affirmation, Vision and Diversity Statements




Cumberland County College is a comprehensive community college that is accessible, learning centered, and dedicated to serving a diverse community of learners and employers through quality innovative programs, services.  The College is committed to student success and completion, and to the core elements of liberal arts, transfer, career, technical, professional and community education.





Cumberland County College, founded in 1966, reaffirmed in 2001 that it is an open-door, comprehensive community college dedicated to pride, service and excellence.  The college is committed to the core elements of community college education:  Liberal Arts and Transfer, Career and Occupational Studies, and Continuing and Professional Education.  Cumberland County College will utilize its Vision and Mission to build on this legacy.




Cumberland County College serves as a catalyst for creating collaborative relationships across the county that enhance the quality of life through excellence in education, community leadership, and economic growth.




Cumberland County College will value and ensure a faculty, staff and student community that closely reflects all segments of Cumberland County.  Goals include:

• Promote, celebrate and embrace cultural, racial and ethnic diversity across the curriculum and through co-curricular and social events.
• Hire and retain individuals that reflect cultural, racial and ethnic diversity.
• Improve student success rates.

Report on the Institution’s Success in Meeting Its Goals and Objectives 


Numerous reports are provided by the College concerning achievement of its mission, goals and objectives.  These reports include the 2011-2012 Report to the Community, the College's annual report, as well as annual evaluation and progress reports submitted to external agencies to monitor achievement of program goals and objectives.  The College also reports to accrediting agencies such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  The College also assesses student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness through annual reports, Student Right to Know information, retention and other reports.  During the past year, the College completed its Strategic Plan 2012-2017 which has three strategic directions and 10 strategic goals.

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