J. Other Institutional Information (Optional)

During the past year, the College completed its Strategic Plan 2012-2017 which has three strategic directions and ten strategic goals as listed below:


Strategic Direction 1:  Student Engagement and Completion - Cumberland County College will increase student success and completion.

Goal 1.  Increase the college readiness of entering students.

Goal 2. Increase the number of students successfully completing developmental courses and reduce the time students spend in developmental education.

Goal 3. Increase the number of students enrolling in and successfully completing gatekeeper courses.

Goal 4. Increase retention rates for all students.

Goal 5. Increase the number of students completing degrees and certificates.

Goal 6. Make comprehensive and fundamental college-wide changes in order to support student success


Strategic Direction 2:  Leadership and Service Learning – Cumberland County College will Integrate Leadership and Service Learning across the curriculum.

Goal 7. Align all of the College’s leadership programs and establish a leadership

component in relevant college courses.

Goal 8. Collaborate with community groups to develop and integrate Service Learning

into academic and non-academic programs.


Strategic Direction 3:  Economic and workforce Development – The College will serve as a catalyst for local and regional economic and workforce development initiatives.

Goal 9. Revise current programs and create new programs and options in key sectors to

match the needs of the local and regional economy.

Goal 10. Collaborate with local and regional businesses, industries, community groups

and related institutions to implement appropriate partnerships for entrepreneurial



Strategic objectives based on these goals are developed each year and monitored through the College's Strategic Dashboard.

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