G. A Profile of the Institution

1. Degree and Certificate Programs

Cumberland County College’s degree and certificate programs are described in-depth in the College catalog; a listing of these programs as of the 2013-2014 academic year is included on the following pages.




Programs of Study


General Education – An outline that provides the courses you’ll need to take in the various types of programs to enhance your background and skills in communication, critical thinking, ethics, and diversity and culture.


Program Electives – A listing of courses that will fulfill designated discipline electives, but may not meet General Education designations


The Programs of Study listed reflect the curricula listed on the college website.

AA – Associate in Arts AA degrees in this listing with an LA prefix are Liberal Arts options. AFA – Associate in Fine Arts AS – Associate in Science AAS – Associate in Applied Science AC – Academic Certificate CC – Career Certificate ST – Short-Term Training


Accounting AAS
Accounting AC

Agriculture AAS
• Agribusiness AAS
Agriculture/Ornamental Horticulture AC
Horticulture AAS
Floriculture CC
Landscape Technician CC

Business Studies AA
Business Management AAS
• Entrepreneurship option AAS
• Finance option AAS
• Human Resources option AAS
• Insurance option AAS
• International option AAS
• Marketing option AAS
Business Management AC
Business Management/Hospitality AC
Business Management/Insurance AC
Culinary Arts AAS (joint program with Burlington County College)
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Leadership CC
Retail Sales CC
Retail Sales ST

• *LA/Communications option AA
• *LA/Journalism option AA
• *LA/Public Relations option AA
• *LA/Television & Digital Media option AA
Entertainment Technology AC

Computer Science
Computer Science AS
• Information Systems option AS
Network Management AAS
• Cyber Security option AAS
Networking Associate AC
Networking Associate CC

Construction Supervision
Construction Supervision AAS
Construction Supervision CC

•*LA/Elementary/Secondary Education AA
Early Childhood/Preschool Education AAS
Early Childhood Education AC
Infant/Toddler CC
Teacher’s Aide in Early Childhood Education CC
Early Childhood Education Management ST

Energy Technology
Nuclear Energy Technology AAS (collaborative program with Salem CC)
Sustainable Energy Technology AAS(joint program with Salem CC)

Engineering AS

Engineering Technologies
Engineering Technology AAS
Engineering Technology AC
Engineering Technologies/Electronics Technology AC
Engineering Technologies/Electronics Technology CC

Fine and Performing Arts
Fine Arts AFA
Theatre/Acting AFA
• *LA/Art Education option AA
• *LA/Art Therapy option AA
• *LA/Ceramics option AA
• *LA/Design/Fine Arts option AA
• *LA/Music option AA
• *LA/Theatre Education option AA
Ceramics AC

Glass Technology
Glass Art AFA (collaborative program with Salem CC)
Scientific Glass Technology AAS (collaborative program with Salem CC)

Graphic Design
Graphic Design AAS
• *LA/Graphic Design AA
Game Design & Development AS (joint program with Salem CC)
Computer Graphics/Desktop Publishing AC

Health Sciences
Biomedical Science AS
• Healthcare option AS
• Exercise Science option AS
Health Science AAS
Health Science AC
Health Information Technology AAS (joint program with Camden CC)
Medical Coding AC (joint program with Camden CC)
Nursing AAS
Occupational Therapy Assistant AS (joint program with Rutgers)
Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment AS (joint program with Rutgers) Radiography AAS
Respiratory Therapy AAS (joint program with Rutgers) Practical Nursing AC

Justice Studies
Criminal Justice AS
• Justice Studies/Corrections AS
• Justice Studies/Forensics & Technology AS
• Justice Studies/Homeland Security AS
Justice Studies/Criminal Justice AC
Justice Studies/Emergency Management AC
Justice Studies/Gangs/Juvenile Delinquency AC
Justice Studies/Homeland Security AC
Justice Studies/Homeland Security CC
Justice Studies/Private Security CC

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts/General AA
• *LA/History option AA
• *LA/Literature option AA
• *LA/Philosophy & Religion option AA
• *LA/Social Science option AA
• *LA/Spanish option AA

Mathematics & Science AS
• Chemistry option AS
• Environmental Science option AS
• Mathematics option AS

Office Administration
Office Administration AAS
• Government Office option AAS
• Health Service option AAS
Office Administration AC
Office Administration CC
Office Administration ST
Office Administration/Government AC
Office Administration/Government CC
Office Administration/Health Services AC
Office Administration/Health Services CC Office Administration/Legal CC

Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies AS
• Spanish AS

Public Administration
Public Administration AS

Social Service
Social Service AS
• Gerontology option AS
Alcohol and Drug Counseling AC

Technical Studies
Technical Studies AAS

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