Pride, Service, Excellence

 These words depict the atmosphere at Cumberland County College. The college's staff takes great pride in providing professional services that enable students to achieve academic excellence.

If you begin in a basic or developmental studies program, we will provide you with personalized instruction and guidance so you can progress toward college-level studies. And if you're an advanced student, our excellent professors will challenge you to fulfill your highest potential. 

Whether your educational goals lie in a transfer-oriented program, career education, professional growth or personal enrichment, Cumberland County College offers you quality instruction and dedicated service. If you're an employer, Cumberland offers services and training programs that will help your organization to succeed.

I invite you to tour the college web site, then visit our beautiful campus and experience the friendly atmosphere that exists here. And I welcome you to enroll as an important member of the Cumberland County College community that focuses on pride, service and excellence.

Thomas Isekenegbe, Ph.D.

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By Anonymous
I give President Isekenegbe, Ph.D. an excellent rating for his presentation. The progressive message conveyed by the distinguished President of Cumberland County College, Thomas Isekenegbe, Ph. D., offers a succinct synopsis of the professional services afforded to students attending Cumberland County College; and members of the community. The perspicacious faculty provide the best diversified education for students so they can graduate as erudite, ethical, progressive knowledge-workers with the knowledge and capability to assist national, or transnational employers, of . Graduates will be the new leaders responsible for maintaining a peaceful, harmonious, productive, and economically sustainable global society. They will have the with enhancing competitiveness, expanding productivity, and increasing profitability. In an educational environment the faculty and staff at Cumberland County College are the leaders and role models for the students; and the community. Leaders are responsible for guidi