Pride, Service, Excellence Alive at CCC


By President Dr. Kenneth Ender

Pride, service, excellence…

This phrase appears on most of Cumberland County College’s publications, and it’s posted on walls throughout the campus. But pride, service, excellence is more than a slogan at CCC. These words represent the college’s core values.

What exactly does PSE mean to folks in the college community? For me, it means taking pride in maintaining an environment on campus where the college’s employees know that the work they do makes a difference in the community.

Many of our students begin college later in life, and sometimes circumstances in their lives may make attending college difficult. Frankly, some students aren’t very proud of the situation they find themselves in when they arrive.

Our job is to help these students to upgrade their self-esteem. Like professors did for me when I started college 30 years ago, CCC employees teach students that they can accomplish more than they ever dreamed was possible. I see this happen many times throughout the campus as the college evolves even more as a learning-centered institution.

Pride, service, excellence… An employee writes an article with their PSE thoughts in each issue of the college’s on-campus newsletter. Professor Diane Grimes, who is exhibiting her art at the college this month with nine other CCC professors, wrote in her article: “There is nothing greater in life than to have passion for your work. As an artist and an art educator, I feel that I couldn’t have picked a better way to live my life.”

English Professor Kevin McGarvey, the current CCC Professor of the Year, wrote: “Students of all ages – black students, white students, Asian students, Hispanic students – with Langston Hughes as our translator, were seeing each other as human beings with hearts and souls and feelings, many for perhaps the very first time.”

Counselor Sandra Bovain wrote: “I like the fact that CCC maintains high standards as we move our students from stage to stage through the halls of academia. We meet students where they are and challenge them to succeed.”

And Executive Director Maud Fried-Goodnight put things into perspective: “Employees take a personal interest in assisting the students in meeting their challenges and ultimately succeeding in what they came to do. The quality of our work is demonstrated every May by the smiles of our graduates.”

Graduate accomplishments are the culmination of PSE at CCC. This is an excerpt from a letter by ’97 graduate Michael Mills, which made my day. “I graduated from CCC with two degrees and a grade point average of 3.9. I have a slightly higher GPA at Rowan University, and will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English this May. My education at CCC was fundamental to achieving the academic success that I have enjoyed thus far in my career.”

I’m very proud of the service provided by Cumberland County College’s staff and excellence achieved by the college’s students.