Make Sure We Say, 'Thanks"


Kenneth L. Ender, Ph.D. President

In this season of Thanksgiving, we may want to pause and give thanks to all of those whose efforts on our behalf we so often take for granted.

The scores of men and women across our community who willingly stand for election to serve us as public officials, and work on our behalf, without compensation, to assure our communities are safe and secure.

The teachers in our lives who help us develop and learn, and assure that the next generation can carry on the traditions of the past, while blazing new trails for the future.

The men and women who work “behind the scenes” in custodial services, building engineering or sanitary services to assure that our buildings are clean, our systems operate properly, and we enjoy a pleasant working environment.

Those men and women at the gas pumps and behind the counters in the 24-hour convenience stores who are so often nameless, but always there to serve us.

All those folks who work the “grave yard “ shift for police, fire, EMT and others who are the first responders when we are in our gravest hours.

The hundreds of men and women who work in our fields and nurseries throughout Cumberland County who assure that the economic base remains stable and our tables are bountiful.

There are many, many others. We can develop an endless list. But this week for sure, and the next, and the next - let’s give our thanks to these folks. The well-being of our community often rests on their efforts. So on this Thanksgiving, let’s take some time to appreciate them.