CCC Growing, Building for Student Success


By Kenneth Ender, Ph.D., President

Cumberland County College is offering more educational, cultural and community services for more people. And to continue as one of the leading community colleges in New Jersey, Cumberland is undertaking an ambitious $14 million construction program.

The campus is changing day by day. And changes are going to occur month by month and year by year with new buildings and technology, and new walkways and parking lots. The cocoon of construction will eventually butterfly into a striking campus where students, employees and community members can learn, teach and communicate better than ever.

CCC’s campus has served the community well since the college opened in 1966. Nearly 10,000 students have graduated. Many were the first in their families to earn a college degree. Thousands have utilized the college’s resources as their first step toward achieving collegiate and professional success.

These proud traditions will continue at CCC. When the dust settles, Cumberland’s growing campus will maintain its park-like setting and friendly atmosphere. As the college gets a major face-lift during the next decade, the new and existing facilities and grounds will become more functional. And the innovations and added space on campus will enable us to provide even more quality educational services for our growing, diverse community.

This is a wonderful period in the college’s history. The construction will enhance Cumberland’s operations as a learner-centered college. As we plan and build the new campus, there will be occasional obstacles and off-limits areas. But there will be great rewards, including:

- The Enrollment Services Center will be expanded, providing a “one-stop” facility for admissions, counseling and activities. Designed as the college’s new “front door,” this facility will be a hub where students will converge for meetings, recreation and dining. Construction will begin this spring.

- The George P. Luciano Family Center for Public Service and Leadership will be a perfect environment for campus, community and corporate events. Construction will begin this spring.

- The Distance Learning Center, adjacent to the Library, will enable organizations and individuals to communicate regionally and globally. The center will be completed in February.

- The Aquaculture Demonstration Center, which will produce 100,000 pounds of fish annually, will serve as a training and demonstration facility where people can see the commercial process of raising fish. This facility will be completed in March.

- Phase 1 of the parking and roadway improvements are complete. And the central plant facility will be completed this spring.

Future projects include renovating the library, academic, administration and Wheaton buildings, building a university center, and adding more parking and roadways.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation, and look forward to the not too distant future when we can all enjoy the extensive improvements throughout the campus. So please bear with us as the college grows with the community. And best wishes for a happy, prosperous 2004 and beyond.