People Make County College a Success


By Kenneth L. Ender, Ph.D. President

It really is all about people.

Almost on a daily basis, and certainly once a week, I am congratulated about this jewel called Cumberland County College. Folks say it is one of the best institutions in the county, region or state.

Often when we think about institutions, what immediately comes to mind is the location, buildings, landscape, etc. But, what really makes up an institution? Clearly, the answer is the people who serve it as employees, volunteers and those who participate in the services rendered.

Cumberland County is a jewel because of the folks who make it up. There is a culture at the college that invites collaboration, cooperation and success. Students, faculty, staff and volunteers expect a lot of one another, and give a lot back.

Whether the activity is in the classroom, the community, at an advisory meeting, in a campus meeting, or in tending to the maintenance of the plant, the culture remains the same.

It is a culture that communicates trust, confidence and support. We each expect more of one another than is possible for one alone to achieve. Yet together we are successful beyond our wildest expectations.

This culture is one to emulate and protect. It enjoys an openness about it that invites folks to take risks and grow. It constantly communicates, “We believe in you,” and “You can do it,” to students, staff and friends.

It is an institution of people who enjoy authenticity and learning. It transforms those who are served and those who serve it.

At the end of the day, it really is all about people.