Looking Forward to the Next Five Years


By Kenneth L. Ender, Ph.D. President

Time flies. My wife, Diann, and I have been living in this fine community for five years, and on July 1 we began a new five-year commitment to Cumberland County College and Cumberland County. We were honored to be offered a long-term contract at CCC, and along with Dr. Cat and Sammy, the dog, we intend to see this commitment through.

The past five years have been enormously gratifying for us. We have established a solid base at the college and in the community. Diann and I value greatly our friendships with dedicated, talented colleagues and sincere – and often inspiring – residents. During the next five years, through the cooperation and hard work of the people in this county, we intend to establish Cumberland as the most exceptional community college in New Jersey, and as a model of success for community colleges throughout America.

During the next five years, we will see the culmination of several projects that began since our arrival, the maturing and grounding of projects, and the birth of new projects. Soon, we will complete and move into the Aquaculture Demonstration Center, the Distance Learning Center, the renovated and enlarged Enrollment/Student Services Center, and the Luciano Family Center for Public Service and Leadership.

Clay College, which offers ceramics courses and exhibits, will continue as a major attraction in the growing Millville Arts District, our School Counts! program will provide CCC scholarships for scores of deserving Cumberland County high school graduates, and the college’s community outreach programs in leadership, neighborhood capacity building and county-wide literacy enhancement will be solidified.

During the next five years, more and more students will stay in the county while pursuing their baccalaureate degrees through partnership programs brokered by CCC. Beginning this fall, Fairleigh Dickinson University professors will teach junior- and senior-year courses on our campus. There will be more partnerships like this with four-year colleges. In fact, don’t be surprised to see the college’s campus continue to be enlarged through creative partnership financing and donor contributions. A University Center and a Child Development Center are good possibilities.

Through it all, we will stick to our knitting. Pride, service and excellence will prevail in all that we do. Literacy, learning and leadership will continue to be our themes. Serving as a catalyst for collaboration will be the vision that will guide us.

We will work hand in glove with our Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, faculty and staff to assure that the public trust placed in us is always assured. The shine on this jewel, Cumberland County College, will never be allowed to lose its luster under our watch.

Diann and I are happy to live and serve here. CCC is a special place, in a special time. We are honored to share it with you.