Employees Encourage Student Success


By Kenneth Ender, Ph.D. President

Cumberland County College employees play a major role in improving the quality of life in our community. No matter what role they assume at the college, our employees work together to help students succeed.

Staff members give students a positive first impression of the college. The grounds crew keeps the campus looking like a pleasant park. And the custodians work day and night to maintain clean classrooms and labs.

Employees implement programs such as graphic design, so students can discover and pursue new career fields. Employees implement initiatives such as the minority mentoring program, so students who didn’t consider college as an option can see a real possibility of success through higher education.

Employees and students conduct service-learning projects that improve blighted neighborhoods. Employees fascinate fifth-graders with campus tours, form business honor societies and coordinate fund-raisers for student scholarships.

In the community, CCC employees serve on advisory boards and committees that enhance economic development. College employees conduct training programs for area employees so companies can produce top-notch products and services.

CCC employees have high expectations for students, and when students begin to succeed, employees build upon their success. College employees make a difference by promoting the notion that dreams are possible and goals are obtainable. This is driven home every year at commencement.

Last Thursday, William Jarett Mutts was the student speaker at the college’s 36th commencement ceremony. Mutts, 28, was captain of the basketball team, Student Senate chairman and a Student Activities Board member.

Jarett Mutts’ mother, Padestes Mutts, graduated from CCC in 1988. Along with other family members and, of course, college employees, Jarett Mutts’ was extremely proud at Padestes Mutts’ commencement 15 years ago. After all, his mom was the outstanding Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) student and a recipient of several academic honors. Today, Padestes Mutts provides valuable community service as a nurse.

Last Thursday, it was Padestes Mutts’ turn to beam with pride as her son was among 366 graduates who turned their tassels and received the degrees they worked so hard to earn. And just as they were there helping the students in their struggles to succeed, the college’s employees livened up the commencement by wildly cheering the graduates on to their future triumphs.

Commencement is the day to shine for students, family, friends and, of course, the dedicated employees at Cumberland County College.