Anticipating Miracles and Milestones at CCC


By Kenneth L. Ender, Ph.D. President

In a few days, we will welcome a new year. I’m resisting the urge to make predictions. But I know that 2005 will be a year of miracles and milestones at Cumberland County College.

Students and professors will grow together day-by-day. Students will accomplish more than they dreamed was possible. And a miracle will occur in May, when CCC will graduate the largest class in its history for the third year in a row. This is always an exhilarating ceremony because the enthusiastic class members are as diverse as the community, with varied ages and backgrounds.

The 2005 graduates will go on to succeed at four-year colleges, in their varied professions and as community leaders. So they will join thousands of alumni as role models for their brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, and friends and neighbors.

Two milestones will occur this summer when the college opens the Enrollment/Student Services Center and George Luciano Family Center for Public Service and Leadership.

The student center will provide a “one-stop” facility for admissions, counseling and student activities. The Luciano conference center will provide an outstanding environment for leadership, community and economic development activities.

When these buildings open, students, professors and community members will be able to learn, teach and communicate better than ever. In “Field of Dreams,” the signature phrase was: “Build a field, and they will come.” At CCC, the appropriate phrase is: “Build facilities, and more students will succeed.”

Another milestone will occur September - the first students will receive School Counts! scholarships to attend CCC. More than 160 high school seniors have earned three School Counts! certificates, so they are on track to receive CCC scholarships when they earn a fourth certificate this year.

This program has the potential to change the face of Cumberland County. All high students will be able to earn the chance to attend college for free through School Counts! and the state-funded New Jersey STARS program, which awards college scholarships to high school students who graduate in the top 20 percent of their class.

The students who enroll at CCC with School Counts! scholarships this fall will be pioneers. And as they go on to excel academically and in their careers, these students will also serve as role models for their brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, and friends and neighbors.

Their message will be simple: “We earned college scholarships, and so can you. We turned our dreams into obtainable goals at Cumberland County College, and so can you. We discovered new dreams at Cumberland County College, and so can you.”

Let the miracles and milestones begin. Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2005.