Catalog Opens a World of Opportunity


By Kenneth L Ender President, Cumberland County College

We have all heard the expression: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This expression was first delivered to me by my mother, and I can still hear her message and interpretation as she taught me about its meaning.

It was a good lesson then, as it is today: You can’t always get the complete story by glancing at the surface, you need to look inside to get the full picture.

Last week, Cumberland County College published its 2004-06 college catalog. And you certainly can’t judge this book by its cover. The 156-page catalog has a simple cover with a few campus photos and the words - pride, service, excellence.

But to understand the real story of the college and what it offers, you need to open this new book and browse.

Over the years, I’ve read a lot of catalogs produced by two- and four-year colleges throughout America. Most catalogs I have surveyed are dull, hard to read, and not very informative. Not this new CCC version. In fact, it’s one of the best I have ever seen.

The new CCC catalog is good summer reading for student consumers on the beach or anywhere else that’s convenient. It’s chock full of college and career related information that jumps off the pages, so reading the book is time well spent.

There’s a lot to learn once you get past the cover of this attractive book, and you may even see relatives or friends in photos throughout the publication. Among the many fast facts: “Those with a two-year degree earn an average of $275,400 more in a lifetime than those with only a high school diploma.”

Open any page in the program of study section and, at a glance, you’ll discover the program title, its requirements, academic information about the program, the careers it leads to and the type of work you would do. Each page in this section also includes what is available after you graduate and, if applicable, whether or not you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree. It’s also noted if the bachelor’s degree is offered right here at Cumberland County College.

What a set of information on a single page. And the college offers 83 career and transfer programs, so there are 83 pages that outline opportunities to pursue a successful future.

The new catalog also contains information on admissions, tuition, fees and financial aid, transferring credits to a four-year college, earning a bachelor’s degree at CCC, student services, student life and athletics, professional and community education and School Counts!.

The publication includes a campus map, directions to the college and the most up-to-date college personnel listing.

So although I think the cover of the new catalog is attractive, I urge you to follow my mother’s advice and read the book. Inside, a wonderful future waits to be discovered. As you read, new opportunities will emerge page by page.

Though the catalog will never end up on the New York Times Bestseller List, it’s a “must read” for Cumberland County residents. For a free copy, call 691-8986.