Thanking Those Who Serve


By Dr. Kenneth L. Ender, President

We recently recognized the service of three departing Cumberland County College Board of Trustees members. Dr. Christine Ward Garrision, Austin Gould and Joanne Gittone each served on the CCC board for eight years, and each led the board as chair for a one-year term.

During the past eight years, Ms. Gittone, Mr. Gould and Dr. Garrison each attended more than 200 meetings in service of the college. They gave up evenings, weekends and countless other times that could have been devoted to family, friends or their own personal projects. Their dedicated service has certainly benefited the college and Cumberland County.

At the November board meeting when we bid farewell to these board members, we also welcomed incoming new board officers and a new board member. By accepting the mantle of leadership and service, these individuals acknowledged their willingness to trade their time for the good of the community and the college. In this season of Thanksgiving, we should all pause and thank those who volunteer to serve.

The college Trustees - like the college Foundation Board members and countless others who serve as college Alumni Board members, program advisory members and volunteers who assist the college in numerous ways - are all dedicated to volunteer, non-paying public service. Their service - like that of their neighbors and friends who serve our churches, school boards, municipal committees, non-profit boards and the like - is the fabric that holds our community together and moves it forward.

They serve, not for recognition or profit, but for their care and love of Cumberland County and their family, friends and neighbors who are served by these various organizations.

Volunteer public service comes in all types of opportunities. Volunteer public service demands much personal sacrifice for those who step forward. We are proud of those who have dedicated themselves for service to Cumberland County College and the county as a whole.

We appreciate and are thankful for their time and expertise. We are a stronger college and community because of the fabric of service they weave. Thanks to all.