Give a Holiday Gift of Knowledge


By Kenneth L. Ender, Ph.D. President

Seasons Greetings! All of us from Cumberland County College wish you the best of the holidays and the happiest of new years.

We anticipate that you will be reading this column Christmas morning, or at some time during a break from this busy day. We hope that you are among family and friends, and that the spirit of the holiday season is with you.

We take this time to be thankful for our many gifts in life. The gift of family and friends, of love and affection, of freedom and security, and most of all the gift of being able to call America our home. We are surrounded by gifts this morning, and truly blessed.

There is a gift that each of us has the opportunity to receive, yet, sadly, many do not. That gift is the gift of education. Education--the capacity to read and write, articulate our views, critically examine issues, bring discipline to solving problems, and generally understand the issues of culture, philosophy, and different world views. These are the characteristics of an educated person, and a literate workforce. It is truly a gift that all of us have the opportunity to receive, and once we have it, it can never be taken away.

Our hope for you and your loved ones is that you perpetually give yourselves this gift, year in, and year out, for life. In education you will find true freedom, the freedom to have choices and control your life. Give yourself the gift of education every day, and from this gift make your dreams come true.

For 2002, we wish for you a healthy and productive New Year. And, most of all, we wish you will give yourself a gift that you will use for life. The gift of knowledge.