Folks Work Hard In Spite of Heat


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Really? It has been plenty hot for me, humidity aside. As a friend pointed out the other day, “Ken, you must feel like you’re back home in Virginia.” I didn’t like the heat there either.

Heat and humidity make me crabby. I’m just not much fun to be around when I’m hot, sweaty and my clothes are sticking to me. Just put me in a hole and call me when it’s over. Well, as you know, that’s not reality for me or those who must toil in these conditions.

And we see folks work through this weather every day. It is particularly impressive to see all the men and women who go out to work in these conditions. Our surrounding fields are full of folks who make a living broiling on these sunny, humid days.

At Cumberland County College, I have observed our physical plant employees and the employees of our construction contractor work through these brutal conditions. For the most part they do so with good cheer, and a good measure of common sense. While working steady, the pace slows, the water pours over and in them, and at the end of the day, much has been accomplished. Much can be learned about adapting to tough conditions and acquiring personal discipline by studying the work of these dedicated men and women.

Fresh vegetables, groomed campuses, and new, impressive buildings don’t just happen. Skilled and disciplined men and women work in every kind of condition imaginable to assure our markets are full, our environs safe and clean, and our buildings cool and comfortable. Let’s celebrate the contributions of all the dedicated and committed folks who “get the job done” despite what Mother Nature dishes out to them. These individuals make our community such a good place to live.

They certainly deserve a “thank you” from all of us.