Thanks for Having Faith in Me, the College


“Making hay while the sun shines” is a familiar expression in southern New Jersey. A lot of hay has been harvested this year throughout the agricultural community, and the sun keeps shining.

This is also a truism in the evolution of a college presidency. And so, it was with great pleasure that I accepted the Cumberland County College Board of Trustees’ invitation to extend the length of my presidency through 2011. The sun is shining at CCC, and much more hay will be harvested. It is a great honor to be part of the tilling, sowing and harvesting team at the college and in the community.

At CCC, we measure our production chiefly by student success. And the numbers keep growing with respect to student enrollment, student graduation and student transfer rates. With 3,253 students, fall semester enrollment is the highest in the college’s history. And last May, the largest class in CCC’s history – 418 students – turned their tassels.

We also measure success by the college’s initiatives that lead to community, economic and cultural/social development throughout Cumberland County. Our graduates provide essential services in the community that enhance the area’s quality of life. Again, we are pleased with the impact we are having and seek higher levels of success.

Cumberland County College is a pretty darn good community college. We can and will be a great community college. The future of the college and the county is intertwined. As the college grows, so does the county, and visa-versa.

I am fortunate to be in the right spot at the right time. The 21st century is the era of the community college. We will be known, as a colleague describes it, as the “educational phenomenon of the 21st century.”

I am honored to serve as the community college president in Cumberland County. I am proud of our college and our county. The enthusiastic support we receive is gratifying and appreciated. Thanks for your trust.