CCC Planning for the Future


Over the Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to reflect on the many people who care about Cumberland County College, and give thanks for their support and encouragement. Recently, we participated in an event that truly exemplified support for which I am so thankful.

A few weeks ago, 80 college stakeholders participated in a planning event that will shape the college’s and the county’s future. Through a generous grant from Foundry Service Corporation’s Bill Milam, and a matching grant from the college’s Foundation Board, we were able to host a three-day residential planning conference in Avalon, designed to map the college’s next strategic plan.

This grant enabled us to meet with our county elected officials, our school superintendents, the county WIB director, county business leaders, and statewide officials in labor, education and higher education. University leaders and 45 of our own faculty, staff and students participated in this intensive planning exercise designed to shape our work plan for the future.

The outcome of this conference’s work will be our next strategic plan. We will roll it out publicly in the spring. The plan, as conceived by the participants, will call for us to work closely with many partners in education and industry to assure that more high school graduates are ready to begin higher education. The plan will also call upon us to align some of our curriculum to high growth industries in our county and region. It will be a plan that will require many stakeholders to both endorse and help carry out.

Over the next several months, we will be sharing drafts of this plan with many groups: school boards, the WIB board, chamber boards, economic development groups and, of course, our Freeholder Board. We will seek their support and endorsements and give thanks for both. In the end, the college’s and the county’s future are intertwined. We give thanks for so many who care so much to help us chart the future.

Thank you.