Staying Connected, Making a Difference


Kellie Slade, Cumberland County College’s Director for Student Life and Athletics, coined the slogan, “Getting Connected, Making a Difference.” She uses this as an advertising theme to draw students to many of the college’s leadership and service activities. Through these activities, many of our students have chosen to get connected, and they do make a difference on campus and in the community.

As the college grows, we are facing a new challenge - staying connected - to each other as employees, to our students, and to the many constituencies we serve. CCC has experienced unprecedented growth during the past several years, and our numbers are up again this year. Enrollment will continue to rise, and this is wonderful news for Cumberland County as our community continues to make steady progress in economic development.

Since enrollment has increased steadily during the past seven years, the college’s faculty and staff have increased so we can continue to provide quality educational programs and services for the community. There are 162 full-time employees on our campus, and another 100 or so part-time faculty and staff persons. It is difficult for everybody to know everybody. It’s also becoming more difficult for our students to quickly know who to turn to for help when they have a question or confront a problem. This is ironic since there are literally scores of people on campus who want to help and are ready to serve.

So…the college has chosen to issue name tags to all full- and part-time employees. And we have asked our folks to wear these tags as they make their way around the campus during their daily activities. The idea is to give us all an immediate sense of who can provide assistance to the 3000 or so people who come to the campus daily, as students or visitors attending college events or meetings.

When you visit our campus, look for name tags on our employees, and uniforms on our maintenance and custodial personnel, as well as our security officers. Please see these tags and uniforms as open invitations for you to communicate with us. Because as we grow, we intend to stay connected, and we will continue to make a difference. Join us!