CCC Seeks Input for Strategic Plan


By Dr. Kenneth Ender, CCC President

Cumberland County College is a very good community college. We want your input to help us to become a great community college.

If you have been following these monthly articles, you know that CCC is developing its next five-year strategic plan, which is grounded in a community-based approach with three interlocking themes: access, alignment and accountability.

The Strategic Plan began with an extensive external and internal scan of the cultural, economic and educational conditions prevalent at CCC and throughout Cumberland County. A full display of these data is available in the document, “Cumberland County College Strategic Planning Retreat: Access, Alignment and Accountability.”

These data were discussed in detail at a planning conference the college hosted last November with 80 college, county and statewide stakeholders. In attendance were CCC trustees, CCC Foundation board members, faculty, staff and students as well as elected officials, school superintendents, higher education representatives, business representatives, and state officials from K through 12 and higher education.

We value your input as we continue to develop the Strategic Plan, which will lead the college into collaborative efforts with community stakeholders as we set out to accomplish the following four key outcomes:

• Increase the number of Cumberland County high school graduates who have the knowledge and skill sets commensurate with post-secondary education’s expectations and the entry-level skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century job market.

• Identify and develop educational/career ladders for ninth-grade through baccalaureate degree curricula that are aligned with “family sustaining” jobs with high growth potential in Cumberland County. Some career fields may include heath care, education, construction, hospitality and retail.

• Reduce the “achievement gaps” between various majority and minority student groups at CCC.

• Identify, disseminate and report on data points measuring these articulated goals. We believe that the accomplishment of these outcomes will lead to:

A decrease in remedial education at the college. A set of baccalaureate degree programs, aligned with high growth industries, offered on campus. The implementation of career awareness programs and curricula in grades K through 14 aligned with high growth industries. Multiple options for offering college programs and services to meet student needs.

Increased ability on campus to communicate with the growing Spanish speaking community. New programs aimed at attracting minority populations into careers they have been historically under-represented, such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics and education. And an improved understanding of our capacity to assure that all students are successful.

We welcome your input as we move this ambitious Strategic Plan to the final phase of its development. Let us know what you think. We will be happy to consider your opinions. Please call me at 856-691-8600, ext. 201.