Jazzed up over CCC faculty, high school teacher dialogues


It has been a terrific couple of months for Cumberland County College and Cumberland County. While not apparent to the public, a wonderful series of dialogues have developed between faculty members at the college and their counterparts in the county’s public high schools. These discussions are unique and have the potential to be transformational.

One of the primary problems we face is the number of students entering CCC who require remedial courses. These courses – in reading, math and English – are required to assure that students can successfully pursue the demands of college coursework. In most cases, high school graduates who have not completed a College Prep or Advanced Placement curriculum are not ready for college-level studies. Many high school students do not understand the rigors required to be successful in college; therefore, they avoid the “hard courses.”

Many high school students assume that they are not going to attend college, so a College Prep or Advanced Placement curriculum is not necessary. Wrong! All “family sustaining” jobs in the 21st Century require some post-secondary education. So our task is to assure that all students who earn a high school diploma are equipped to pursue higher education.

The dialogues taking place between our staff and their counterparts will help alleviate this problem. We are going to articulate a specific curriculum in each of the high schools that - if successfully pursued - will position high school graduates to join our institution ready to succeed in post-secondary education. We will track our success by observing the decreases in the numbers of new students who need remedial work.

Wow! What a difference we will make. Students will accelerate their progress toward a degree and the financial resources of the State of New Jersey, Cumberland County and Cumberland County College will be used more effectively.

A sincere thanks to all educators in the county who are participating in these important discussions. This is win-win situation for everybody that would jazz up a number of folks, locally and throughout the state. Cumberland County educators: Your pride, service and excellence are shining.