Family, Friends and Summer Reading


Ah….summer! Yes, it’s hot, humid and occasionally down-right uncomfortable. That’s the bad news. But this is a small price to pay for all the wonderful opportunities summer gives us for spending significant time with our family and friends. And there’s time to sink into a couple of good books.

As the end of August nears, it’s not hard to remember those hot, oppressive, brutal days we’ve had this summer. It’s been bad! But I’m also quick to remember some truly remarkable gatherings, cook-outs, pool parties, an evening at Longwood Gardens, trips to the shore, time with family, a day on the bay, golf outings, and watching evening sunsets and early morning sunrises. It was a time for inspiring, long runs with my buddy Sammy, my four-legged friend. It’s been hot, but long days with my family and friends make the heat seem to be a distant memory.

The other pay-off on these long summer days is that I can get to the reading list. With Labor Day weekend approaching, I plan to sink into “Snow Falling on Cedars,” a novel by David Guterson. The college has chosen this award-winning bestseller for our One Book-One College campaign.

The idea of the campaign is to get the campus and the community to bond by discussing relevant themes covered in a single book, which is a “must read” on campus, and residents are also welcome to read the book.

The book takes readers to the isolation of the fictional San Pedro Island, north of Puget Sound in the state of Washington. It’s 1954, eight years after the end of World War II and resentment still exists for the government’s internment of Japanese-Americans in relocation camps. This fall on campus, topics and themes covered in the novel will be addressed through speakers - including John Fuyuume, director, Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center on Oct. 11 - panel discussions, demonstrations and special projects.

We invite you to read the book and attend the events in fall and spring on our campus and discuss the book with us. The author will join us in the spring as a part of our campus lecture series. We hope you will join us!

Lately, family, friends and good books have been more important than ever. Even with the heat, there are times I long for an endless summer.

Enjoy the unofficial end of the summer with Labor Day weekend. Enjoy all those special opportunities to be with family and friends. And read a good book!

See you in the fall.