Praising Those Who Protect and Serve


Wow! Saturday morning, the weekend before Thanksgiving, was bright, crisp and just plain wonderful. Sammy, the dog, and I enjoyed a romp in the woods at Parvin State Park. I thought a lot about all the things we can be grateful for during this colorful autumn season.

Most of us spent time with our family and friends on Thanksgiving. I made a quick trip to Virginia to enjoy the company of the Ender clan.

While we were socializing and catching up with our families and friends, many men and women were quietly serving America, and providing for us the safety and security of a nation protected. Overseas, across the country, throughout our region and state, and right here in Cumberland County, dedicated people serve so that we can enjoy Thanksgiving and every day in this great country.

So when Sammy and I were running on that beautiful Saturday, I had fond thoughts concerning those who are so committed to public service. Our military, police, fire, emergency technicians, and those other “first responders” who are there for us when our time of need arises. These brave people make life so much better and safer for all of us. That’s why so many, many thanks are owed to these selfless people who protect and care for us.

As Sammy and I ran through Parvins, I thought of other people we should thank –those with the courage to run for public office. We just completed another election cycle. At the end of the day, we are all winners on Election Day. Because we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we get to choose our political representatives.

So a special thanks to all those who stood up and ran for a pubic office. Congratulations to those who were elected, and to those who took the risk of running for an elected office. By accepting the mantle of leadership and service, you have all served us. You took a stand, a public stand, on the issues. You invested your time and talent to make our community stronger. You gave a voice to our collective concerns and aspirations. And you helped to make our democracy work, because you gave us an opportunity to choose.

It’s the perfect season to thank those who protect us, care for us and represent us. Praise and Thanksgiving for all those who serve!