Young Men Proudly Compete for Mr.CCC


By CCC President Kenneth Ender as his monthly column for The Daily Journal

The good news...Spring has sprung! The bad news...allergies, sinuses and runny noses!

Unfortunately, I know all about the latter. In fact, last Friday night I had to miss a great event at Cumberland County College, featuring our men on campus. All too often, we lament about the dearth of men on college campuses throughout America.

CCC is no exception. So, I was really disappointed last week when I had to miss the Mr. Cumberland County College contest featuring some outstanding young men. Fortunately for me, John Nichols was able to attend and has written his impressions. They follow:

Nine young men displayed loads of personality and courage last Friday as they stepped forward to compete for the title of Mr. CCC. They posed, performed and answered questions as several hundred students, family members and staff members cheered, laughed and occasionally held back emotional tears in the college’s Guaracini Arts Center.

Hat’s off to the contestants. It’s not easy to step on a stage and allow yourself to be judged by your peers and professors. I’m not sure whether or not I could have done that when I was their age. But the students were up to the task, and we are very proud that they chose to begin their college careers at CCC.

These brave young men are as diverse as CCC’s population with varied talents, goals and aspirations. During the talent portion, they sang rap songs, Broadway show tunes and songs they had written. They recited poetry and played the violin and the guitar.

The contestants included Teron Stocks, an education major; Dave Jamal, a business major; Jamal Glenn, a sociology major; Jon-Mark Grussenmeyer, an education major; Jesten Morgan, an engineering major; Brian Smith, a nursing major; John Grant, an education major; Reggie Hunter, a business major; and Bobby Gouse, a theatre major.

All the contestants are college and community leaders; which is how they gained the confidence to enter this competition. And they’re all great ambassadors for CCC. Theses young men are outstanding examples of how dreams can become realistic goals when talented, conscientious people – students and staff – work hard together. They are role models for their families and friends.

“Together” is a key word because teamwork and partnerships make things happen, at a college and in the community. Many people contributed to the success of the Mr. CCC competition, which was sponsored by the Student Senate, led by students Devin Brown, Danny Brown and Jennifer Dalbow, and advisor Kellie Slade. CCC’s professors and staff served as judges and participated in several songs and skits, giving students a chance to see them in a “fun” mode.

By the way, John Grant won the Mr. CCC competition, but all the contestants are winners as far as I’m concerned. This was John’s reply when asked why he should be Mr. CCC: “The same reason any of these guys should be Mr. CCC. We all work hard, have fun and represent Cumberland County College proudly.”

We couldn’t agree more.