Leadership Program Benefits People CCC Serves


Some feel that leaders are born. But in reality, people learn to lead. That’s why Cumberland County College conducts the Pathways Leadership program for employees. More than 60 employees have participated in the program.

Pathways was created so employees could learn more about their personal leadership skills, and how these skills may enhance their careers and strengthen the college. During the past three years, the Pathways employees have impressed me with their enthusiasm and creativity. Each year, 15 employees get in three teams of five people and they complete a project that benefits the people we serve.

This year, one Pathways team implemented the coaster-pagers project, which helps to reduce the long lines of students in the student center during peak registration times. The coaster-pagers are four-inch plastic squares with a CCC logo surrounded by a circle of 10 lights. Students are given the pagers so they don’t need to wait in line. They can put the pagers in their pockets and study, listen to music or eat and socialize in the college cafeteria.

When their turn arrives, the lights blink and the coasters vibrate. The students can then see their counselor. More than 70 students used the coasters during a recent advisement day, and they appeared delighted with these “freedom from lines” devices.

As Pathways coordinator Anne Daly-Eimer says: “Projects such as this are impressive because a group of our employees with varied professional backgrounds combine their talents to produce a project that benefits all of us.” Other Pathways projects include a marketing dvd, a campus sculpture, a CCC flag, an outdoor theatre-in-the-round, a CCC museum, and there will soon be CCC banners and a digital sign on campus.

‘West Side Story’sold out. CCC’s production of “West Side Story” is sold out. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a ticket to one of the five shows, which will be held from Thursday through Sunday, you’re going to see an outstanding production by college students and area residents. This musical, sponsored by the college’s Arts and Humanities Division, is the best-of-the-best example of the college and community working together to improve the quality of life in our county.

The play is truly a labor of love for Director Deborah Bradshaw and everyone involved. According to Deborah, this is the most talented cast she has ever assembled, and they’re also a very nice bunch of people. When Deborah’s basement was flooded by the recent storm, the cast came to the rescue, spending an entire weekend cleaning up the mess. And last Sunday, the cast held a baby shower for choreographer Christine Amico-Borowski in the midst of their 10-hour rehearsal. Christine is due on the closing night of the play.

CCC’s Guaracini Arts Center is definitely going to be vibrant with song, dance and drama this weekend.