A hearty thanks for those who provide essential services behind the scenes


The season of Thanksgiving is upon us. As I write this on the Monday prior to Thanksgiving day, many blessings come to mind. I’m traveling to Virginia again this year to enjoy the holiday with my family.

I’m like millions of people who travel for the holidays, and we are supported by many public servants who give up their holidays so that we may share ours with family and friends. These good folks are mostly “behind the scenes” and their fine work is mostly taken for granted. They are often the first responders in crises who are nameless and faceless until the time comes for their essential services. They protect and help us during emergencies, and they sacrifice so we can celebrate.

We have our own unsung heroes at the college. Our behind the scenes personnel can be found in the physical plant, telecommunications and campus services. And these first responders, who we tend to not see until we need them, make many sacrifices so we can continue the business of teaching and learning uninterrupted. They help create a climate on the campus that is attractive, clean, orderly and predictable.

These dedicated people create the important base upon which we can work. They perform much of the “heavy lifting” on the campus, figuratively and literally. Last week. CCC’s new campus entrance, or “front door,” was given an attractive face-lift by our physical plant crew as they installed 25,000 square feet of sod on the grounds. This was very difficult and physical work, but the results are spectacular.

Students who didn’t have classes when the sod was being installed were surprised and pleased when they walked on campus and saw the new, lovely green landscape. They will never know who created this campus masterpiece, only that it was done. And that is the life of folks “behind the scenes.”

So this Thanksgiving season, let’s give all these people a big “Thank you.” Take a moment to salute the folks who provide the necessary and often vital services that we can easily take for granted. We live and work on the backs of many talented and dedicated people. Let’s not forget them in our blessings this season.

Here’s a hearty thanks to the fine people who provide essential services behind the scenes, particularly the good folks at Cumberland County College.