Justice Studies graduates enhance quality of life in community


It’s not surprising that Justice Studies is one of the most popular programs at Cumberland County College.

Cumberland County is the home of federal and state prisons, which employ hundreds of people including administrators, corrections officers, counselors, office managers and other professionals. Many of these employees took courses or earned Criminal Justice, Corrections and other degrees from CCC. And scores of employees in the county’s police departments, including the police chiefs, have earned Criminal Justice degrees at CCC to qualify for or advance in their careers.

Since the 9/11 tragedy, there has been a heightened awareness for the need to prepare for emergencies and catastrophic events. Security has increased at public places throughout the world. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, created in 2001, has become one of the largest federal agencies.

That’s why CCC implemented two more Justice Studies options, Homeland Security, and Forensics and Computer Technology. These are among the fastest growing career fields in America. And they’re fascinating fields, with scenarios straight from a scene in CSI.

Justice Studies is one of five career areas identified in CCC’s Strategic Plan as a career field that residents can pursue to obtain a family-sustaining job. In the plan, CCC is working with education and community leaders to implement career education ladders in these fields from 9th grade through the bachelor’s degree level. In addition to Justice Studies, the career areas include healthcare, business administration, construction and education.

The Justice Studies program and its options are featured in the Fall Semester issue of CCC’s Opportunity magazine, which you may have received in the mail during the past few days. 2008 CCC Justice Studies graduates Krystal Bernard and Edwin Colon are pictured on the cover and profiled inside this award-winning publication. They’re now pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice from Wilmington University, one of numerous bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are offered by seven universities at CCC’s on-campus Shirlee and Bernard Brown University Center.

CCC’s Justice Studies program, coordinated by Dr. Charles Kocher, is a leading program that features faculty members who are experts in law enforcement and social justice. When they aren’t teaching, Dr. Kocher and CCC Professor Darren Stocker are writing articles for Justice Studies trade publications and presenting at national conferences.

The graduates of CCC’s top-notch Justice Studies program are providing professional services that enhance the quality of life throughout our community.