Pause and Think of Those in Need this Season


By CCC President Dr. Kenneth Ender

What happened to the fall season? The past several months have flown by, and the holiday season is suddenly upon us. Last September, a record number of students enrolled for fall semester classes at Cumberland County College. Yes, that was three months ago, but it sometimes seems like only about 30 days have passed since then.

During this short period of time, an array of milestone events has occurred in our nation. Americans elected a new President. The economy seems to be going from bad to worse. Every day, dramatic events keep us glued to newspapers, televisions, the Internet and other forms of the media. And the weather has changed from summer to fall to winter without even a blink. Sometimes it seems like things are moving too fast, maybe even out of control, but we must cope with it. This is life in the competitive, hi-tech, global, wonderful world of the 21st Century.

But since the holidays are here, even though they arrived in a blur, we are ready for some quiet time, at least for a short time. Some time to read a good book, time to enjoy the love and affection of family and friends, time to make some kids smile. Simply, time. We hope you will also get a chance to spend some quality, quiet time with your family and friends during the holidays.

But let’s remember that there are many folks in Cumberland County who work incredibly hard just make it through the day; to put food on the table, a roof over their heads and clothes on their bodies. During this season of celebration and reflection, we should think of the people in our neighborhoods who are struggling.

My bet would be that if you are reading this, you are not one of them. Let me urge you to join my colleagues at CCC by reaching out to those less fortunate. I’m particularly inspired by our students’ committing their time and making donations to benefit others during this season. So please donate a basket of food, a coat for a kid, toys or money to the Salvation Army, the United Way or any of the worthy support agencies in our community. I guarantee that you’ll feel better about yourself and our speed-dial world. As tough as life seems to be for us, it is a lot tougher for many, many others.

Throughout our diverse community, families observe the holidays by celebrating a variety of cultural traditions. We hope that you enjoy your special moments this season, and make them all the more special by helping those who need a little lift.

May you have a blessed season!