Employee Leadership Program Benefits People CCC Serves


Fifteen Cumberland County College employees began their journeys of personnel and professional growth last week at a four-day institution for the college’s Pathways Leadership Program. This is the sixth year of the program, and 90 employees have participated.

The institution is an immersion experience for our participants. There are presentations on CCC’s history, statewide issues related to community colleges, aspects of our diverse community and strategic planning as it relates to the college and the county. The employees also participate in team building and problem solving exercises led by college and community professionals, including the program director Anne Daly-Eimer, who is the admissions director at CCC.

Every year, employees who participate in this program bond as they get to understand better the important roles their colleagues play in the college’s operations. The participants get into three teams of five employees who work together on a project that will enhance the college’s ability to serve its students.

This is when the magic begins. The members of the three teams display their leadership skills as they manage, delegate and perform the tasks necessary to complete their projects, which are always creative and beneficial to our students. Some Pathways projects have included a marketing DVD, a campus sculpture, a CCC flag, an outdoor theatre-in-the-round, a college museum, CCC banners, a CCC sign on a building facing Route 55, digital kiosks with campus maps and digital coaster-pagers that students can use to avoid waiting in long lines during registration. So we all win. Employees participating in Pathways learn more about their personal and professional leadership skills, and how their skills may enhance their careers. And the college and the community benefit from their leadership skills and the projects they produce.

These projects are visible testimonies for the program. But employee development is the hallmark of Pathways. Leaders aren’t born. In reality, people learn to lead. That’s why Pathways is so important for our college and the community.

This year’s Pathways participants include Debbie Bradshaw, Maura Faulise, Gayle Gates, Karen Henry, Arthur Horn, Frank Iannuzzi, Nancy James, Jocelyn Kenyon, Michael Mills, Veronica Pensa, Natasha Pitts, Albert Price, Mark Randa, Vicki Simek and Angelique Thomas.