Resilient CCC students brave a storm to begin spring semester


by Dr. Thomas Isekenegbe

Torrential rain and 50 mph wind greeted Cumberland County College students on the first day of the spring semester last Monday. But most students attended their classes, trudging through puddles and holding onto umbrellas that were tugging in the gusts like dogs on leashes.

Sure they got wet and ruffled in the storm, but once the students settled at their desks in the college’s modern classrooms and labs, they were ready to learn; they were anxious to continue their educational journey.

Many CCC students have weathered bigger obstacles than driving rain and gusts of wind. The majority of our students are employed, and some are parents. But that doesn’t deter them from attending college, working at their full- or part-time job, and then caring for their family.

No, a storm isn’t going to keep our students from accomplishing their goals, particularly the students who are scheduled to graduate this May. They have learned to succeed, and there is not much that can stop these students now. Certainly not the driving rain and near-hurricane wind gusts.

I’m always inspired by our students’ determination and willingness to take on the challenges of doing what it takes to succeed at juggling work, family responsibilities and scholastics. This makes them outstanding candidates to succeed in their chosen professions, which is great news for area employers.

CCC students and staff are always ready to explore new things so it’s not surprising that more than 350 people have become fans of the college’s new, official Facebook page, which was launched a little over a week ago.

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