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Cumberland County College submits the draft Design to Middle States.

The self-study now underway at Cumberland County College has met its first major mile-stone. The first major step in a self-study is the completion of the Design, or plan for the study. A draft of our Design has been submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in time for the upcoming preliminary visit by Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko, our Middle States Liaison. The Design includes such information as the organizational structure of the Self-Study Committee, the committee's membership, the charges to the subcommittees which are the questions they will address during the study, and the timeline for the study.

Our Self-study Design is comprised of the following eight chapters:

I. Institutional Statements and Goals: Who we are.

This section presents a number of key College statements and documents. - It sets the stage for the Self-Study by indicating the core values, mission and goals of the institution.
In effect, it lets the reader know who we are.

II. Nature and Scope of the Study

Presents the rationale we followed in our selection of the comprehensive model.
- We had a few self-study models to choose among.
- The other models are more focused, yet limited in scope than the comprehensive model.
The extent and range of the changes that have taken place at the College since our last self-study dictate the need for a comprehensive study at this time.
III. Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study

The Self-Study has to be more than a paper exercise.
- We must gain outcomes in addition to reaccreditation.
- This section details those expected outcomes.
Aid in the transition of our next president.
Input data for our next strategic planning cycle.
Assess our performance with Middle State's new standards
Examine the extent to which our decade of growth and development serves the needs of our community.
IV. Organizational Structure of the Steering Committee and Subcommittees

Demonstrates how the committee is organized to perform the study.
The study is conducted by eight subcommittees, directed by a steering committee.
- The Steering Committee is composed of the chair of the study, two representatives from the Office of Institutional Research and the chair of each subcommittee (eleven members total).
- Subcommittees are each charged with addressing one or two accreditation standards.
V. Charges to the Subcommittees and Guidelines for their Reports

For each standard, four to eight questions were developed.
- This is the heart of the Design: the questions the subcommittees will examine during the study.
The guidelines for subcommittee reports are also presented.
- To standardize reporting.
VI. Inventory of Supporting Documents

A major resource for the subcommittees.
- A starting point as they conduct their study.
These documents will be available in the self-study work room.
Also useful for the site visit evaluation team.
- These documents will be available to them in a centralized location during their visit.
VII. Timetable for the Self-Study and Evaluation

Note specific key dates:
- April 16, 2009: Draft Design due date
We met this deadline.
- April 30, 2009: Preliminary visit from Middle States Liaison, Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko.
Preliminary visit to assess our preparedness to begin the study.
- October 2010: Self-Study report due.
- March 2011: Evaluation Team Site Visit.
VIII. Profile Recommendations of the Visiting Evaluation Team

This section is still under development and will be developed with input from Drs. Ender and Isekenegbe.
Dr. Petrisko may also provide suggestions.
Please examine the self-study Design which is attached to this web page.

Middle States Liaison to visit Cumberland County College.

On Thursday, April 30, Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko, Vice President of the Middle States Association will visit our campus. Dr. Petrisko is Cumberland County College's Middle States Liaison. The purpose of her visit at this time is to assess the extent to which our college is prepared to begin its Self-Study. Dr. Petrisko has reviewed a draft of our self-study Design and will make suggestions regarding the Design and the self-study following her visit. While on campus, she will meet with a wide range of campus individuals. We look forward to her visit and we welcome her to our campus.

The itinerary for Dr. Petrisko's visit is as follows:

April 30, 2009

9:30-10:00 President Ender
10:00-11:30 Steering Committee, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Program Review Committee
12:00-1:00 Faculty, Staff, Students (Lunch)
1:00-2:00 Board of Trustees
2:00-2:15 Wrap-up with Self-Study Chair

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