About Us

STEM Pathways (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), guides and supports STEM students to ensure they complete their degree and transfer to a 4-year institution quickly and effectively. STEM degrees are among the most awarding degrees students can pursue in college.

What makes us different:

Students in STEM Pathways…

  •  Have access to textbook and calculator loans each semester (calculators are unique to our program)
  • Can attend trips to STEM professional sites and University STEM Depts.
  •  Work with advisors who specialize in STEM
    1. Serve as Academic, Career, and Transfer Counselor, all in one!
    2. Have relationships with University STEM Departments
    3. Work closely with STEM faculty for student success
  • Are part of a multi-year study of STEM student success at CCC and beyond.

HSI-Title III & Articulation 

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