Disability Support Services (DSS)

Cumberland County College is committed to ensuring equal access to all physical and academic environments for individuals with disabilities.

If you believe you are eligible for disability accomodations or services, Disabilities Support Services (DSS) is the place to begin.  You'll need to identify your disability and provide appropriate documentation to our office.

But first, please apply to the college and arrange for the College Placement Test. (If you would like to request accommodations for the College Placement Test, you will need to complete Steps 1 and 2 below before scheduling the test date).

How to register for Disability Support Services

Step 1

Complete the Student with Disability Self-Identification Form. Before moving to Step 2, students must follow the procedures in the appropriate checklist below to gather information they will need to provide in Step 2:

If necessary, gather additional disability documentation by consulting the following: Additional Disability Forms for Medical Professionals.

Step 2

Call Meredith Vicente, Senior Director of DSS, at (856) 691-8600, extension 1282 or Dotty Perna, Technical Assistant III, at (856) 691-8600, extension 1445 to make an appointment.

When coming in for your appointment, be sure to bring the documentation gathered in Step 1 above (if not already submitted) and be prepared to discuss in what ways your disability may impact you in CCC's physical and/or academic environment(s). Together we will complete any necessary accommodation forms for your courses.

Resources for Students Registered with DSS

Resources for Faculty