Public Administration

Earning a degree in Public Administration opens the doors for you to hold positions across the spectrum of the public sector, including government service, community management, and the nonprofit sector.

This program is designed for students interested in public service careers at the federal, state and municipal levels or in nonprofit and private organizations involved in public service. Students are prepared to enter the work force or continue their studies in business, political science, public administration, or pre-law.

Year 1
Fall Semester

CS 101  Introduction to Microcomputers (3 cr) or
CS 102  Applications on the Microcomputer (3 cr)
EN 101  English Composition I (3 cr)
HI 201  US History I (3 cr) or
HI 202  US History II (3 cr)
PA 101  Introduction to Public Administration (3 cr)
General Education Humanities Elective (3 cr)

Spring Semester
EN 102  English Composition II (3 cr)
PA 103  Introduction to Civic Engagement (3 cr)
PA 200  Public Budgeting & Grant Writing (3 cr)
PS 201  American Federal Government (3 cr) or
PS 203  State & Local Government (3 cr)
SO 201  Introductory Sociology (3 cr)

Year 2
Fall Semester

EC 201  Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr)
MA 205  Statistics (3 cr)
PA 219  Planning & Administration of Municipal Services (3 cr)
PA 221 Leadership in Public Administration (3 cr)
General Education Diversity Elective (3 cr)

Spring Semester
BU 210  Organizational Behavior (3 cr)
PA 220  Rural & Community Development (3 cr)
PA 222  Public Administration Capstone Experience (3 cr)
SO 202  Contemporary Social Problems (3 cr)
General Education Science Elective with Lab (4 cr)

Total Credits  61