Radiography: Admission Criteria

Minimum Standards for Radiography Program Admission
Students wishing admission into the Radiography Program must be high school graduates or have earned a GED equivalency. In addition, they must meet the following minimum criteria.

1. All basic skills requirements in English, Math, Reading and Science must be completed. 
2. Score in the 25th percentile or better in each of the sections of the Health Occupation Aptitude Exam. For the HESI, a minimum of 75% is needed in the three composite score areas of English, Science and Math.
3. 2.5 GPA or above college level work. 
4. Eligibility to register for A&P I in the Fall semester.

Students who do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for Radiography Program admission. Students meeting the above criteria are eligible to be considered for admission but are not guaranteed acceptance into the program.

Radiography Program Admission Criteria

1. Previous Applicants

Students who finished 1 point below acceptance in the previous year.  1 point

2. Academic Background
Students who have been enrolled at a college and have taken a minimum of 12 credits of the Radiography Program’s required general education courses (or the equivalent).

The following points will be awarded for cumulative GPA in required general education courses:  
GPA ≥2.5 1 point  
GPA ≥3.0 2 points  
GPA ≥3.5 3 points  
For those students who have graduated from high school within the same year as the program start date.
         2 points

3. Science Background .

Student who has completed A&P I:
with a grade of C or C+ 1 point
with a grade of B or higher 2 points
Student who has completed both A&P I and II:  
with an average grade of C or C+ 3 points
with a average grade of B or higher 4 points
Student taking the same science course more than 2x. -0.5 point

4. HOAE Test Results – Student scoring in all of the following sections:

Total academic aptitude, reading comprehension, natural sciences & vocational adjustment
≥the 55th percentile 1 point
≥the 65th percentile 2 points
≥the 75th percentile 3 points
Total points earned: ________

As of January 2017 the HOAE has been replaced by the HESI exam.
HOAE results will be accepted for 2017 only.
For those students completing the HESI exam the following criteria will be used:

The Point System will be:
75 - 79 on TWO out of the THREE sections 1 point
80-89 on TWO out of the THREE sections 2 points
90 - 100 on TWO out of the THREE sections 3 points


Anyone getting all three sections above a certain level will get an extra point.:
All three above 75 2 points
All three above 80 3 points
All three above 90  4 points

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