Do you need an Educational Coach?

Cumberland offers tutoring in all subjects free of charge to all Cumberland County College students. Our tutors will help you with a particular subject area as well as the following college survival skills: Organizational Skills, Time Management, Notetaking, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, Test-taking Strategies, and Reducing Test Anxiety.

To receive tutoring, visit the CASS Center and see Melissa Wright, Assistant Director of Testing & Tutoring. If we do not have a tutor available in the subject you need, we will recruit one for you. *All Tutoring takes place in the CASS Center.

It's as easy as A-B-C!

A. Access the Tutor List via the link below or in our office (see Melissa Wright).
B. Be flexible when scheduling.
C. Check tutors' schedules and attend a Drop-in session or contact the tutor of your choice for an appointment.

How to Obtain a Tutor & Tutor List

Please note: Tutor list is for current CCC students only. Thank you for your cooperation!

Do you want to be a tutor?

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The CASS Tutoring Center is often recruiting new tutors to meet the needs of our students.  If you excel in a specific subject area, and you are patient and reliable, you may qualify to become a CCC tutor.  If interested, please visit the CASS Tutoring Center to speak with Melissa Wright.   To qualify, you will need to:

1. Receive an "A" or high "B" in the class and
2. Obtain your professor’s recommendation (he/she will initial your application)

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