Prospective International Students

Cumberland County College offers Associate Degree programs and invites inquiry by foreign students. Students who are granted an F-1 Student Visa come to the US to pursue a degree and must adhere to F-1 Student Visa Guidelines as imposed by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If you are interested in applying for an F-1 Student Visa to attend Cumberland County College, please follow the guidelines below.   All information as requested below should be submitted as a complete application packet and addressed to CCC’s Designated School Official (DSO).

Deadline for Submitting Documentation

  • For acceptance in the Fall semester (September) – May 15th 
  • For acceptance in the Spring semester (January) – October 15th

Documentation Required

College Admissions

  1. Complete the Cumberland Admissions Application
  2. Provide proof of high school completion (official transcript).
  3. Record of immunizations (MMR & Hepatitis B).

Documentation of Financial Ability

Students must prove they have the financial ability to come to the US under an F-1 Student Visa. The amount to be verified must exceed the estimated cost of $20,000. Tuition and fees for the year are estimated at approximately $12,000 for college expenses, and $8,000-10,000 for living expenses.

Personal Funds

Students who will be personally responsible for their education and living expenses while in the US must provide a personal statement indicating that this is the intention. In addition, copies of bank statements and other verification of personal funds proving financial ability is required. Students must verify that adequate funds are available and will be designated to cover expenses in support of their studies under an F-1 Visa.

Cumberland County College does not offer dormitories/housing. Students are responsible for locating apartments or making living arrangements prior to arrival in the US. Please provide a statement indicating what living arrangements have been made. If sponsor support is applicable, this must be specified on Affidavit or with a personal statement from the sponsor (see below). 

Sponsor Support

Sponsors Who Live Outside of US:
  • Sponsors who live outside the US must complete an Affidavit of Sponsorship (PDF) verifying their financial commitment on behalf of the student. In addition, copies of bank statements and/or other documentation must be provided. The sponsor’s commitment must be clear and financial documentation must be current (dated within the past 30 days). The sponsor must indicate that the funds will be used to support the student’s educational expenses, and the duration of support must also be specified.
  • If sponsor will support living arrangements, this must be specified either on Affidavit or with a personal statement from the sponsor. In addition, student must provide proof that living arrangements have been secured prior to receiving approval for an F-1 Visa.
Sponsors Who Live in the United States:
  • Sponsors who live in the United States must complete an I-134 Affidavit of Support (PDF).  All questions must be answered. If a question is not applicable, please note "not applicable" or "NA." Question #11 must specify the intention to provide support and must indicate explicitly to what extent support will be provided.
  • The sponsor must submit copies of bank statements, and/or other documentation such as tax forms and proof of residence as appropriate to verify financial ability. The commitment on behalf of the sponsor must be clear and financial documentation must be current, indicating they have the necessary funds to support the student while in the US under an F-1 Visa. 
  • If sponsor is providing living arrangements, this must be indicated. Students are responsible for locating apartments or making living arrangements prior to arrival in the US. If sponsor support is applicable, this must be specified on Affidavit and/ or with a personal statement from the sponsor.
Deferment of I-20
  • Students who decide to defer the semester of attendance after an I-20 has been issued may be required to resubmit Documentation of Financial Ability.


A student who is approved to receive an I-20 to attend Cumberland County College will be notified by the DSO. Upon approval, the student is required to submit a deposit in the amount of $5,000. Upon receipt of the deposit, an I-20 will be created. (Student should wait for notification of acceptance before submitting this deposit). The deposit will be held in a reserved account and may be applied to the student’s first semester of enrollment. If authorization for a student visa is not obtained by the US Embassy, or if student withdraws application for attendance at CCC, a full refund for deposit will be issued.

Procedure for Processing I-20

  1. International student application is submitted to Cumberland County College and includes all Documentation Required, as stated above.
  2. DSO examines content and corresponds with student. 
    • If the application requirements are not complete and satisfactory, an I-20 will not be issued.
    • If the application requirements are complete and satisfactory, a $5000 deposit will be requested. Once the deposit is received, the I-20 will be generated through SEVIS. 
  3. An official letter of acceptance will be mailed to the student and will include the I-20 and all pertinent information necessary for appointment with a consulate at the US Embassy. 
  4. Upon receiving the packet, the student will make appointment at US Embassy to request admission to the US under an F-1 Visa.
    • Please note: Students will be required to complete an I-901 form and pay a $200 SEVIS processing fee prior to appointment date. The SEVIS fee may be processed electronically by visiting the immigration website at: (Be sure to print and retain a copy of receipt.) 
  5. Students who receive F-1 approval may arrive in the United States no sooner than 30 days prior to the program start date as listed on the I-20. 


Upon Arrival in the U.S. 

  1. Please contact the DSO upon arrival to schedule initial advisement/testing. It is recommended that contact is made with the DSO at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. 
  2. Schedule and complete the college's Accuplacer test for placement in proper courses; Toefl is not required. 
  3. Attend New Student Orientation and register for classes. DSO will assist with process and provide guidance.

Student Registration/Fees


F-1 students are required be enrolled as full time students: a minimum of twelve (12) credits in the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year. Students must satisfy attendance requirements of each course and make reasonable academic progress toward a degree. Failure to do so, for any reason, may affect F-1 status (student's permission to stay in US).

It is a student’s responsibility to monitor and maintain registration.

Tuition Charges 2017-2018

International students are charged the out-of-state rate as listed below.

Tuition for International Student Per Semester
Credit Hours Out-Of-State Tuition ($256 per credit) Comprehensive Feeds ($20 per credit) Technical Fees ($10 per credit) Total Costs (tuition & fees only)*
12 $3,072 $240 $120 $3,432*

*Please note: books and/or other fees which may be applicable are not included.

Additional Forms