VA Education Benefits

To Apply for your VA Education Benefits…

  • You’ll need a copy of you DD214; if you’re a dependent apply for benefits you will need the DD214 of the disabled Veteran.  You may request a copy of your DD214 by completing the following form or visiting this link:

Form SF 180 Military Records Request

You can apply for your educational benefits through the following link:

The VONAPP application is used to activate:

In approximately 3 to 6 weeks you will receive a certificate of eligibility. 

For National Guard Benefits:

  • Compete the FAFSA application:
  • Submit to the VA liaison in the Registrar’s Office an award or denial letter from Financial Aid. You will receive this information after your FAFSA has been reviewed for eligibility.
  • Submit the Commander’s Certification for the semester you will be attending
  • A Commander’s Certification is needed for every semester you will be attending
  • You must submit an award or denial letter ONCE per academic year

For Vocational Rehabilitating Chapter 31

Contact your Voc-Rehab counselor to obtain and submit Form 28-1905

If you are applying for Vocational Rehabilitation for the first time, complete

Form VBA 28-1900 Vocational Rehabilitation application

Newark Regional Benefits Office - Directions and Map