Arts & Innovation

Non-Credit Classes

We're pleased to announce that our Summer 2018 classes will be held on the first floor of the Arts and Innovation Center, new home to Clay College, at 321 High St. Millville. We're also happy to say that the new offerings include the Fine Arts in addition to our pottery courses, workshops and kids classes.

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Intro. To Pottery – 4 weeks – 2 sessions

No experience is needed.  In these 4-week summer pottery sessions, the student will explore both hand-building and pottery wheel techniques. Through a series of demonstrations and suggested projects the student will learn how to create inventive tableware and vase forms. Students will also learn about firing and glazing. Glaze and firings included in the price. Clay is not included in the price but can be purchased in the studio. Limit 15 students. 

  • CLAY-POTT-07        Monday, 6/4 to 6/25 | 6–9 p.m. | Cost: $110
  • CLAY-POTT-08        Tuesday, 6/5 to 6/26 | 11 a.m.–2 p.m. | Cost: $110

Intro. To Pottery Wheel and Intro. to Pottery – 8 weeks

No experience is needed for this classes. In the Intro. to Pottery, the student will explore the basics of hand-building techniques.In the Intro. to Pottery Wheel, the student will learn how to throw a pot on the pottery wheel. Through weekly demonstrationsand hands-on instruction, the student will learn the entire ceramic process. Glaze included in the price.Clay is not included but can be purchased at the studio. Limit 12 students.

  • CLAY-POTT-01           Monday, 7/2 to 8/20 |  6–9 p.m. | Cost: $210
  • CLAY-POTTW-01      Thursday, 7/5 to 8/23 |  6– 9 p.m. | Cost: $210

Intermediate/Advanced Pottery – 8 weeks

This 8-week class is for the advanced student.  The class addresses topics and projects involving ceramic processes and techniques. Further exploration and development of individual student work will be addressed. Some materials included. Limit 15 students.

CLAY-POTA-05     Wednesday, 6/6 to 8/1 |  6– 9 p.m. | Cost: $210

Figure Studies with the Model (Drawing) – 5 weeks

This class is for students of all artistic levels with an interest in drawing the human figure. A live model will pose in both sustained and gestural poses during this 5-week class. Some materials included.
A materials list will be provided by the instructor on the first day of class. Clay can be purchased from the Clay College. Limit 18 students.

CLAY-FIGSTUD-04    Thursday, 5/31 to 6/28 |  6–9 p.m. | Cost: $150

Jewelry Making – 5 weeks

Fashion colorful jewelry from sheets of dichroic glass which is fused in a small kiln. Learn the art of enameling using powdered glass frit melted onto copper shapes. The student will also work with a clay-like material that fires like metal. Tools are provided. Some materials included. Limit 15 students.  

CLAY-JWL-01    Tuesday, 7/31 to 8/28 | 6–8 p.m. | Cost: $130

Mosaics – 2 weeks

Learn how to transform ordinary objects into colorful works of art with mosaics. Each student will learn the basics of mosaics, design and application. Students may bring their own collected items such as shells, bottle caps, glass, stones, buttons etc. Materials will be provided – instructor will supply extra “findings”. Limit 12 students.

CLAY-MOSAIC-04    Saturday, 6/16 to 6/23 | 1–4 p.m. | Cost: $55

Non-Instructional Artist Studio

The non-instructional studio is for the student who has some experience (at least one introductory course) and would like to work in the studio to develop their craft.  The student will attend during open studio hours that are convenient for them.  Clay is not included, but can be purchased at Clay College. Limit 80 students.

7 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio:

  • CLAY-RES07-01    Monday – Sunday , 5/29 to 7/10 | Cost: $140
  • CLAY-RES07-01    Monday – Sunday, 7/17 to 8/28 | Cost: $140

14 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio:

CLAY-RES14-01    Monday – Sunday, 5/29 to 8/28 | Cost: $250