Arts & Innovation

Non-Credit Classes

Fall 2018 classes will be held on the first floor of the Arts and Innovation Center

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Intro. To Pottery – 6 weeks – MSTUDIO

CLAY-POTT-04               Monday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.            Nov.  12 – Dec. 17                                        $160

Intro. To Pottery Wheel-  6 weeks – MSTUDIO

CLAY-POTTW-04            Thursday 6 – 9 p.m.                        Nov.  1 – Dec. 13                                          $160
CLAY-POTTW-05            Thursday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.               Nov.  1 – Dec. 13                                          $160

Advanced Pottery – 8 weeks – MSTUDIO

This 8-week class is for the intermediate to advanced student.  The class addresses advanced topics and projects involving ceramic processes and techniques. Further exploration and development of the individual work of the student will be addressed. Instructor: Leontien Roteveel. Some materials included. Limit 15

CLAY-POTA-02               Wednesday 6 – 9 p.m.                     Oct. 31 – Dec. 19                                          $210

Non-Instructional Artist Studio – MSTUDIO

The non-instructional studios are for the student who has some experience (at least one introductory course) and would like to work in the studio to develop their craft.  The student would attend open studio hours that are convenient for them. Clay is not included but can be purchased at Clay College. Limit 50                                       

8 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio                   

CLAY-RES08-02             Mondays – Sundays             Oct. 31 – Dec. 19                                           $160

16 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio

CLAY-RES16-01             Mondays – Sundays             Sept. 5 – Dec. 19                                         $285

Jewelry Making – 5 weeks – M101

In this 5-week class, the student will work with an instructor specializing in different jewelry making techniques. Create unique jewelry using various clays, iridescent dichroic glass, and beading. Tools are provided. Some materials included.  Limit 15.

CLAY-JWL-02:                Sunday 2–4 p.m.               Oct. 28 – Nov. 25                                          $130

NEW – Express Yourself - Found Objects Art: M101

This course will investigate the poetry of abstract symbolism through the use of acrylic painting, collage and assemblage techniques. Students will learn how to render conceptual subjects into striking compositions with clear definition, telling a story using various objects and symbols and creating imagery that is greater than the sum of its parts. Students will gain the ability to create their own meaningful artwork with simple materials, an understanding of visual language and an open imagination!

No experience is necessary. Materials are included. Limit 15 students.

CLAY-ASSEMBLAGE-01         Friday  6 –​ 9 p.m.    November 2 – 30 (No class on 11/23)                    $110