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Science Research Competition: Rules

Please note that the rules apply for all students participating in the Cumberland County Science Research Competition and DVSF.

The rules and guidelines for DVSF and its Regional Fairs are the same or similar as those of the Intel ISEF.

Click here for the link to the Rules and Guidelines.

The Categories for DVSF include: Behavioral and Social Science, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine and Health, Microbiology, Physics, Zoology, Team Projects (multi-disciplinary) and Consumer Science (for grades 6-8 only).

Note:  The ISEF Official Abstract Form is not needed for DVSF or the regional fairs.

Click here for 2019 Check-in Procedures (Display and Safety)

Participation in your regional fair is a prerequisite for participation in DVSF.

Project Display Exclusions