General Education Assessment

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Cumberland County College's Mission Statement describes a college which is "learning centered and dedicated to serving a diverse community of learners through quality innovative programs.." The College also is "committed to offering educational programs that provide its students with a common grounding in the intellectual tradition. Each student, depending on the academic program, must complete a common set of courses known as General Education." All New Jersey community colleges have participated in developing General Education goal categories, learning goals, designated courses, and proposed college-wide learning objectives in nine areas:

Written and Oral Communication
Quantitative Knowledge and Skills
Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning
Technological Competency/Information Literacy
Society and Human Behavior
Humanistic Perspective
Historical Perspective
Global and Cultural Awareness

The General Education Committee represents the three divisional areas together with Academic Affairs, Planning and Research, Instructional Research and Program Review. The purpose of the General Education Committee is to assist in implementing the General Education goals and learning objectives through the College's General Education courses and assessing the student learning outcomes. To accomplish this purpose, the Committee will: