Basic Skills Advising for all Degree Programs

Students are assigned to you for academic advisement during their first semester of enrollment. Many times, these students will not have completed their basic and developmental level classes. Thus, you need to be able to determine what courses the students still need to proceed with their degree requirements.

  Basic Developmental College Level
English EN050 EN060 EN101/EN101/70
Reading --- --- ---
Math MA091 MA094 10x (109 115 205)
    MA091 Part A MA110
    MA092 Part B MA120

Reading is the most critical area to complete. English might be considered the next most important – of course they are both important.


Students sometimes defer basic skills math until after they have completed their required English and reading courses.


Prerequisites should be carefully monitored. Most, if not all prerequisites may be found in IRIS. Simply click on the course in question to see a description and the course and its prerequisites.


Use the IRIS program and investigate the types of information you can obtain on your students.


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