What is advisement

Academic Advisement Definitions:

Advisement - Prescriptive


Prescriptive vs. Developmental Advisement:

Academic advisement has been classified into two types, prescriptive and developmental. Prescriptive advisement refers to the advisor/student interacting within an authoritative/subordinate, or doctor/patient relationship. Courses are prescribed to the student and class schedules are written.


Advisement - Developmental

Developmental academic advisement is defined as a systematic process based on a close relationship intended to aid students in achieving educational, career, and personal goals through the utilization of the full range of institutional and community resources. Obviously the developmental approach is the more effective of the two.


Advanced Placement (AP): The college recognizes high school advanced placement programs. High school students who receive grades of 3, 4, or 5 in advanced placement programs will receive appropriate college credits. (Guidance in regard to application of Advanced Placement to particular subjects may be obtained from the Director of Enrollment Services).


Advisement Day

Once each semester the entire college community comes together to provide a full day of academic advisement for students. These days typically fall in November and April. All students are mailed information informing them of registration dates, Advisement Day, the identity of their advisor and their office hours on this day. Students are encourages to make appointments but walk-ins are always welcome. The ATC Center is always open to assist students unable
to communicate with their advisors.

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