Non Credit Courses





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Intro. To Pottery

No experience is needed for this class.  The course will explore hand-building techniques such as pinch, coil, and slab.  The student will be introduced to the pottery wheel.  Students will also learn about firing and glazing. Glaze and firings included in the price. Clay will be provided the first class, thereafter students must purchase clay at the studio. Limit 15.

POTT-02: Mondays 6p – 9p – September 8 to November 3                                                              $200 *

POTT-03  Mondays 6p – 9p– November 10 to December 22                                                           $175


Intro. To Pottery Wheel    

No experience is needed for this class. The student will learn how to throw a pot on the pottery wheel. Through weekly demonstrations and hands-on instruction, the student will start out making cylinders using the pottery wheel and progress on to other forms. Limit 15

POTTW02:                Thursdays                       6p – 9p – September 4 to October 23                       $200

POTTW03:                Thursdays                       6p – 9p – October 30 to December 18                      $175 *


Advanced Pottery 

This 8 week class is for the intermediate to advanced student.  The class addresses advanced topics and projects involving ceramic processes and techniques. Further exploration and development of the individual work of the student will be addressed.  Some materials included.  Limit 15

POTA01:  Wednesdays                                    6p – 9p – September 3 to October 22                       $200

POTA02:  Wednesdays                                    6p – 9p – October 29 to December 17                      $200 *


Non-Instructional Artist Studio 

The non-instructional studios are for the student who has some experience (at least one introductory course) and would like to work in the studio to develop their craft.  The student would attend open studio hours that are convenient for them. Clay is not included, but can be purchased at Clay College. Limit 50                                        


8 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio                                       

RES0802:                  Mondays – Sundays, September 2 – October 24                                             $150

RES0803:                  Mondays – Sundays, October 28 to December 16                                           $150


16 Week Non-Instructional Artist Studio 

RES1602:                  Mondays – Sundays, September 2 to December 16                                       $275


Mask Making and Special Effects Make-Up

The student will experience the process of creating latex masks based on their own drawings, clay models, and imagination!  The student will sculpt and cast a mask, then learn how to paint their mask with special effects make-up.  No experience necessary.  Some materials included.  Limit 10. *

MASK01: Saturdays                                          6-9 PM, September 6 to October 25,                         $250


Jewelry Making

Fashion your jewelry designs from beautiful sheets of colorful iridescent dichroic glass.  The pieces will be fused together by firing them in a small kiln.  The student will also learn the art of enameling, using powdered glass frit melted onto copper shapes. The student will also be introduced to working with a material that can be worked like clay, but fires like metal. Tools are provided. There is a $30.00 charge for glass and jewelry findings.  Great for teens!  Some materials included.  Limit 15.

JWL02:    Sundays  1-3 PM, October 19 to November 23                                                                   $150


Children’s Non-Credit Classes

Kids Pottery

This class is for children ages 7 to 12.  There is no experience needed.  The student will explore clay hand-building techniques including pinch, coil and slab.  Your young artist will create 5 to 7 projects and learn the entire process of pottery from working with clay to glazing.  Materials are included. Limit 15.

KIDPOTT-01:            Saturday                          10a – 12p                    October 18 to November 8            $75


Kids Pottery Wheel

This class is for children ages 7 to 12.  There is no experience needed.  With the help of an instructor, the student will learn how to “throw” a pot using a professional pottery wheel.  Students will experience the entire process of pottery from creating the pieces to glazing and firing.  All materials included. Limit 15.*

KIDWHL02:               Saturday                          10a – 12p                    November 15 to December 13     $75



Pottery Workshop Classes


Have you always wanted to try making pottery without having to commit to a long- term class?  Our “Hands-On” will introduce you to pottery fundamentals, develop your appreciation for pottery making, and indulge your creative urge.  You will be able to take home your own creation once it is glazed and fired in our kiln.  We’ll call you when your piece is ready for pick up. 


Pottery Wheel

Create a piece of pottery on a pottery wheel. With the help of an instructor students will learn how to “throw” a pot.  The student will choose a glaze, and the staff will fire your piece and call to arrange a pick-up time. No experience necessary. Materials included. Limit 15.

WHEEL05:                Saturday                          2p - 4p                         September 13                          $25

WHEEL06:                Sunday                            2p - 4p                         October 12                                $25

WHEEL07:                Sunday                            11a -1p                        November 16                                   $25

WHEEL08:                Saturday                          2p - 4p                         November 22                           $25

WHEEL09:                Saturday                          2p -4p                          December 13                           $25


Pottery Pumpkin Workshop

Great for all ages.  Create a one of a kind clay jack-o-lantern using stamped clay, textures, and colorful glazes. Carve facial expressions just like you would a pumpkin.  Jack-O-Lanterns will be glazed and fired in time for Halloween.  Bring a loved one, parent, child or friend.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

POTPUM01:             Sunday                            2-4 PM                         September 21                          $30

POTPUM02:             Friday                               6-8 PM                         September 26                          $30


Animal Bank Workshop

Learn how to design and decorate a simple coin bank from clay.  The finished product will make a delightful gift for friends and family members.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

BANK01                    Friday                               6 – 8 PM                      September 19                          $35


Autumn Leaves Clay Project

Bring your own leaves if you like! (fake or real) Participants will turn a slab of clay into a beautiful fall platter just in time for the holidays.  Your unique platter will look great on your table and is also a perfect hostess gift.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

LEAVES01:               Saturday                          10 AM – 12 PM          September 27                          $30


Birdhouse Workshop

Students will learn how to make a birdhouse that will be the envy of the neighborhood.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

BHOUSE01:             Friday                               6-8 PM                         October 17                                $30


Pinot and Pottery

Wondering how to make date night special?  What could be better than learning to make and decorate a pair of goblets together?  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

PINO01:                     Friday                               6-9 PM                         October 24                                $35


Chip and Dip Workshop

Create a unique platter and dipping bowl using the clay slab technique.  The student will use various decorating techniques, including stamps and textural fabrics to press into the clay for beautiful surfaces. You will be called to pick up your piece after it is fired in the kiln.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

CHIPDIP01:              Saturday                          2-4 PM                         November 8                             $40


Christmas Tree Workshop             

Great for all ages!  Create a one of kind heirloom for you and/or your family.  Make your own personalized Christmas tree using stamps, textures and bright colors.  The first day of the workshop you will make your clay tree using various handbuilding techniques.  The second day you will paint it. Bring your child, spouse, or friend, for this special holiday activity.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

TREE01:                    Saturday                          2-5 PM                         November 15                           $30


Girls Night Out

This class is the perfect excuse for a girls-only get together.  Meet your friends at the Clay College and join in on the fun!  Create a one-of-a kind lantern. Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

GIRLS01                    Friday                               6-9 PM                         December 5                             $35