Continuing Education

Business Institute

Cumberland County College is hosting another Professional Development Business Institute from November 6-16. The Business Institute offers a professional development program for businesses and employees of Cumberland County.

Topics Include

  • Microsoft Excel- Levels 1 and 2
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Stress Management in the Workplace

Individuals may sign up for one session or multiple sessions.

Who Can Attend?

Individuals are eligible to participate in the Business Institute if they are:

  • Employed by a NJ Employer
  • A NJ Resident
  • 18 years or older
    Certificates of Completion from Cumberland County College will be awarded to individuals who complete each course.

Tuition: No Cost!

Tuition is funded by NJLWD grants.


Cumberland County College, Millville Arts & Innovation Center
321 N. High Street, Millville, NJ 08332
Parking lot behind building.

Questions & Registration

For more information call Cindy Phillips at 856-776-2371 or click here to register for one or multiple sessions.

Fall 2017 Business Institute Schedule

Monday/Tuesday, November 6 & 7 / 9am–1pm

Microsoft Excel 2010 1

During this course, participants will learn:

  • How to open and interact with Excel, and how to save and close workbooks.
  • How to enter various kinds of data, how to enter formulas and functions, how to move and copy data, and about the various reference types and how to use them.
  • How to format text and numbers, how to align text, and how to apply borders and styles to cells and ranges.
  • About various data-entry shortcuts; how to use paste options; and how to insert, delete and hide data in your worksheets.
  • How to create charts, change their type, and insert and control the elements they contain.
  • How to split and manage worksheet windows, set print options, print and preview workbooks, create headers and footers, and share workbooks with other users.
  • About workbook properties and how to use templates
**Participants must complete both days to get a certificate of completion.

Wednesday/Thursday, November 8 & 9 / 9am–1pm

Civility in the Workplace

While a training program on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing industry millions a year. To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this workshop introduces the concept of civility, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. Skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace will also be discussed.

Monday/Tuesday- November 13 & 14 / 9am-1pm

Microsoft Excel 2010 2

During this course, participants will learn:

  • How to manage workbooks and customize the Excel environment
  • How to use named ranged in formulas
  • About Excel tables and how to sort data, use filtering features, validate data, and transpose rows and columns.
  • How to consolidate data from more than one range or workbook, and how to use subtotals.
  • How to use PivotTables to summarize and rearrange large amounts of data in a list, and how to use PivotCharts to present such data.
  • How to use conditional formatting to format data when it meets a condition, and how to insert and manipulate graphics.
  • How to use special chart features, and how to insert sparklines to take snapshots of data.
  • How to use permissions to control access to and prevent changes in your workbooks, about sharing features such as comments and change tracking, how to insert hyperlinks, and how to save a workbook as a webpage.
** Students must complete both day to receive a certificate of completion.

Wednesday/Thursday- November 15 &16 / 9am-1pm

Stress Management in the Workplace

Today’s workforce is experiencing job burnout and stress in epidemic proportions. Workers at all levels feel stressed out, insecure, and misunderstood. Many people feel the demands of the workplace, combined with the demands of home, have become too much to handle. This workshop explores the causes of such stress, and suggests general and specific stress management strategies that people can use every day.


*The Professional Development Business Institute is created through the NJBIA Basic and Employability Skills Workforce Training Program. This Program is a partnership between the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development and the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce.