Continuing Education

SANDY-Displaced Homemakers Testimonials

Participants explain how the SANDY-Displaced Homemaker grant impacted their life.

"Thanks to this grant, I received the needed help in putting together my personal profile and resume at a time when resources to do so were unavailable to me. During a time of economic hardship the resources available also allowed me to find good leads for accessing gainful employment opportunities."

"I don't know exactly where to start. It was truly a blessing and a gift from God to be able to receive the SANDY-Displaced Homemaker grant. I am 38 and have been trying to get to college for a long time. As a single mother of two and I'm sure we all agree, kids come first. I knew eventually my turn would come. I'm glad I chose to wait patiently on God, because this is how He manifested Himself. Through this grant I am now enrolled in a full time Massage Therapist course, with a wonderful instructor. Thanks (for) listening to me when I spoke as opposed to just hearing me, I was lead in the right direction. This was the best late Christmas, early birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day gift I could have ever received. It is now my turn to pay it forward and bless others by telling them about this wonderful gift so that they can advance and excel!! Never give up or give in!! Be steadfast and unmoveable, you can't lose."

"SANDY-Displaced Homemaker Grant has gave me the opportunity to move forward in life. It has given me the opportunity to learn and to obtain a certification in phlebotomy. This funding is a push of hope to get a better education and career. I am very happy, Thank You."