Cumberland County College Student Puts Her Scholarship to Good Use

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Just as her parents Melissa Taylor and Richard Wolf had, Cumberland County College had big dreams and high expectations for Felicia Ann Wolf before she was even born.

As part of the college’s 30th Anniversary celebration, the first baby born at South Jersey Hospital-Bridgeton on October 17, 1996 (Cumberland County College’s official anniversary), would be entitled to full tuition for two years upon graduating from high school.

Felicia was that fortunate baby.

Melissa Taylor was in the shower when a college official called to notify her of the scholarship. Felicia’s father relayed the news, but the newborn’s mother was skeptical.

“My mom said to my dad, ‘That’s ridiculous. She was just born. This is a scam.’ But, when the college called again a few days later, my mom realized it was for real,” Felicia explained.

“My family laughs about that now,” Felicia said. “It became a joke.”

The scholarship also became a source of pride for the Millville family.

Now, 20 years later, Cumberland County College is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. And Felicia is a college sophomore, successfully following a pathway to a career in nursing.

In her freshman year, Felicia was named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2015 semester, and she earned a spot on the President’s List during the spring term.

“I’ve wanted to become a nurse as long as I can remember,” said Felicia. “I remember being told when I was very young that I had a scholarship to Cumberland County College. But I didn’t realize the value of the scholarship until I was in middle school.

“Having this scholarship gave me the opportunity to enroll in Cumberland’s nursing program, which is rated one of the best. I like the hands-on learning and getting to practice what we have been taught. My professors are very supportive and they are always available to talk to me.”

One might think Felicia’s brother, Joshua Stites, might be envious of his sister’s well-timed scholarship. That’s not the case. “He is proud of me,” she said. “He is right next door studying welding at the CCTEC (Cumberland County Technical Education Center).”

So, how does Felicia plan to celebrate her 20th birthday? “I’ll probably be studying,” she laughed, “but a weekend trip to Lancaster would be nice—with a stop at the Amish Market.”

In her free time, Felicia enjoys competitive rifle shooting at the Cumberland Riflemen sporting club. For now, she has her sights set on graduating from Cumberland County College, then continuing her education at Stockton University.

Felicia would like to remain in the area and have a career in pediatric nursing… perhaps within the same healthcare system where she got her start two decades ago.