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Keep checking our bulletin board outside of the Social Science and Education administrative offices.  Jobs, police academies, special events will be posted there and discussed at the Criminal Justice Society meetings held weekly on campus. 


Have an idea? Come to a CJ Society meeting !!!!!


The 4th Criminal Justice Scholarship Auction is planned for Friday Evening - March 9, 2007th.  The event you don’t want to miss!


Dates to jot DOWN!!


A  series of special seminars are  planned for  U.S. Constitution Day later in September.


November 16th  2006
A Criminal Justice Job workshop sponsored by the Criminal Justice Society will be held to help students prepare for employment. A certificate of attendance will be presented along with other amenities. Student cost will be $79.00 and will benefit the Criminal Justice Scholarship Fund.  Support a good cause! 

2nd Criminal Justice Job Fair- April 18th, 2007
A success last year will be repeated in the spring following the November 16th Workshop. Your Criminal Justice Society walks the walk and talks the talk. 


Awesome!- The Public Administration A.S. Degree is now a major! 

Officers for 2006-2007 are:

CJ Society2

Left to right is Charles Kocher, Shane Morgan, Roberto Gonzalez,
Alexandra Ford, Timathy Gonzalez, and Robert Cutler. 


Shane Morgan - President
Timathy Gonzalez - Vice-President
Alexandra Ford - Secretary
 Robert Cutler - Sergeant at Arms
Roberto Gonzalez - Treasurer


Homeland Security Career Certificate Program
Cumberland County College has developed one of the first and only programs in the country that helps to promote an understanding of the importance of Homeland Security.  This certificate will expand and prepare an individual's understanding of terroristic threats and crisis communications. 

             Be part of the action- call now for more information! 


CCC offers our students the opportunity to continue their education
and earn a BA Degree in Criminal Justice on our campus!


Call Professor Charles Kocher for details - ext 277