Radiography Program Requirements


Individuals applying to the program should have a scholastic background which includes high school algebra, biology and chemistry. Those applicants lacking the scholastic background, or returning to school after a prolonged absence, are able to fulfill the entrance through participation in college courses.


Application Procedure 
Applicants for the Radiography Program are requested to submit the following information to the college Admissions and Registration office:


1. A Cumberland County College admission application indicating Pre-Radiography as the program of choice. Please click here for your on-line application.


2. An Application Activation Form. Completion of this form will identify the person as a current applicant for the Radiography program. The Application Activation Form may be obtained on-line, here or from the college Admissions and Registration Office and is available beginning January 2nd of each year.


3. Official high school transcript or GED certificate


4. Official College Transcript(s) from any other college/university attended.


5. Results of the Accuplacer Test. Note: the test assesses reading, writing, math computation and elementary algebra skills. Deficiencies identified must be remedied prior to admission to the Radiography Program. Applicants may contact the CASS Center 856-691-8600 Ext 1300 to schedule an appointment to sit for the test.


Students are exempt from the Accuplacer if there are passing placement test results from another New Jersey college within the last 5 years or if college transcripts verify successful completion of all required developmental English, Reading, Math classes.


6. Anatomy and Physiology I or pre-requisites


Anatomy and Physiology I pre-requisite: General Biology I or General Biology II or General Chemistry, with a “C” or better and must be completed by end of spring semester


7. Results of the Health Occupation Aptitude Examination. Contact the Success Center or on the CCC website at www.cccnj.edu, under Future Students, for the testing dates and additional information. The Health Occupation Aptitude Examination is a general test which identifies the applicant's abilities as related to mathematical concepts, reading, vocabulary, and general science. Students are permitted to take exam twice per year.



The minimum requirement is a score of 25% or higher in each of the sections of the exam.



HOAE Link Click here



Upon completion of these steps, the applicant should receive a letter from the Admissions and Registration Office verifying that the applicant's file is now complete. Call ext. 1223 if you do not receive confirmation regarding your file status.


Additional Radiography Program Information 


Science background: Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to Anatomy and Physiology (BI 106) or have completed college Anatomy and Physiology courses.



Anatomy and Physiology I pre-requisite: General Biology I or General Biology II or General Chemistry, with a “C” or better



Deficiencies in the areas of Reading, English and Mathematics as indicated by the Accuplacer are required to be remediated prior to admission to the Radiography program.



Meeting all admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.





January 2, 2014 - Applications & activation forms accepted for Fall 2014



March 31, 2014 - Activation period ends and all files must be complete, all documents must be submitted when activating


1. CCC Admission Application, if needed, indicating Pre-Radiography 2. Activation Form 3. Official High School Transcript or GED verification 4. Official College Transcripts: from any other College/University you have attended or are currently attending 5. Accuplacer Test Results- or College course history indicating completion of developmental courses 6. Must meet the pre-requisite for Anatomy and Physiology I (General Biology I or General Biology II or General Chemistry, with a “C” or better) or have completed college Anatomy and Physiology I, by end of the Spring semester.


May 15, 2014 – Health Occupational Aptitude Exam (HOAE) submission deadline



June - Committee will meet to determine acceptance


Students accepted to the Radiography program must be in good health and able to meet the physical demands of the career as evidenced by the results of a complete physical examination documented by the applicant's physician. Complete acceptance to the Radiography program is contingent upon the submission of the completed medical form, including drug testing, and successful completion of a criminal background check. The Medical Form and additional information regarding the background check will be provided to the student with the following acceptance letter.


Applicants are encouraged to review all policies specific to the radiography program. Program policies addressing student health, technical standards, pregnancy, and program progression and retention are published in the radiography program student handbook. Copies of the Radiography Student Handbook are available for download from this Webpage.